September 1, 2008

What do you Do?

Is this pitiful or what? I say "or what". And this isn't all of it. It looks like a dog that has been digging in the dirt! I'm trying to get my fabrics organized AGAIN.
How do you do it???? by color? by collection? by theme? I lean towards by color, but then putting western together, Christmas, etc. It's really hard to decide. I've got those elfa baskets for FQs, and small pieces and then cabinets for yardage. Post your ideas on how to organize fabric. I'll put all the names of comments in a basket and I will draw for a prize. What is the prize, you ask??? FABRIC, OF COURSE!
If I EVER get this place organized, I'm going to post pictures and take you on a tour of my studio -- "Mama & Me". It is a stand alone building 18-feet by 40-feet and it is FULL! Imagine that! I am very proud of it. The building is a result of my inheritence from my Mother and the hopes of fulfilling one of her dreams.


Rhondee said...

Hey Kathy.....girlfriend....was there an explosion in your building...LOL...Ok, enough with the teasing.....I'd go with organizing by color with a few collection areas thrown in. Such as Christmas and Cowboy which would be easier to find if they are together. Hope that helps.

Eileen said...

Hi, Kathy, I have mine separated in colors. But have left the Christmas separate.
Now I do Thimbleberries and that is kept separate but also by color. Easy to find.
It looks like you have quite a job ahead of you.

Kim West said...

Since I have such a small stash, I organize by project. Most of my fabric is stuff I have bought for a specific project. What little bit for a project, is organize by type. I do keep my backgrounds together though. One big tip is to wrap the yardage around either a 6.5" x 24" ruler or an 8.5" x 24" ruler like a bolt. It keeps everything nice and tidy and uniform shape.

MOLLY said...

This is my tip. Put all the commenters names in a hat and draw one--send the winner all the fabric touching the floor. You will have a lot less work ahead of you. Hope I win! You have some great fabric!!

Not Lucy said...

I organized mine by color but also have a bin for novelties, Christmas, etc. I also have a couple of bins for fabrics for specific unstarted projects so I don't accidentally cut into something I am saving for a project.

Teresa said...

I have tubs for fabrics by color for anything a yard or less. Then I have a big tub for "yardage", but I seldom by yardage other than for a specific project. I keep solids separate from prints, but they are sorted by color. This I have a separate container for 30's, Christmas and batiks.

My small piece tubs are on a shelf right beside my cutting table for easy access as I love making scrap quilts. All the others are in a closet storage area. Hope this helps.