March 20, 2013

Hello Friends!  It's time to start the STITCH ME UP blog hop.  First off, let me give a shout out to Madame Samm and Jane from Janes' Fabrics for organizing and sponsoring this blog hop.  Thank you for all your time and effort!

It was just perfect for me as I like to do hand embroidery.  Below is the project I made.   I chose to stitch the "Diva" and make it into a pillow.  This pillow will probably be going to my granddaughter, Camryn, who is definitely a Diva!  I will admit I purchased the wrong size pillow form!!!  BUT, you get the general idea!  I'll get a larger one the next time I go into the "city".  ;)

I used several stitches in the project -- stem stitch, backstitch, lazy daisy stitch, french knots.

This has been a fun project.  I thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will come back to visit.  Now, I encourage you to go grab another cup of coffee or tea, or your favorite beverage and visit all the blogs to see the many different projects!  Have fun!

Selina Quilts    

March 1, 2013

Dress in Blue Day!

Today is "Dress in Blue Day" to kick off "Colon Cancer Awareness" month.  I'm rockin' my "Blue Over Cancer" T-shirt at my office today.  I am a 9-year survivor of colon cancer.  Praise the Lord! 

If you are over the age of 50 and have not had a colonoscopy, RUN to your phone and call your doctor.  I had NO IDEA I had cancer until it was found in a routine colonoscopy -- a test I had planned to never do!  I am so glad I had that test!  It really isn't bad at all -- you don't know what's going on.  The worst part is the day before the test!

Just do it!  It could save your life -- it did mine!