January 22, 2008

How Many Hours?

How many hours have you been sewing in 2008? The Wacky Pack quilters have decided to track our sewing time in 2008. We thought it would be interesting to see just how much time we spent sewing during the year.

So far, as of today, I have sewed a total of 81.5 hours. Now at first that seemed like a lot to me, but when I thought about having attended two quilting retreats, that doesn't seem like too much. I know that I may have missed a few hours here and there, but evidentally I must have talked a lot during the retreats! Ya think? Me????

You may wish to track your sewing time -- it's not too late to begin.

January 15, 2008

Retreat Show n Tell

Check out this black and white quilt. The make liked it so much she used up all her scraps for the backing.

At last weekend's retreat there were so many pretty quilts that included embroidery designs. The picture below is the wild flower quilt made by Brenda. The flowers were machine embroidery. I have also included a couple of close-up pictures.

The following picture is made with blocks with silk ribbon embroidery. The quilt is just beautiful -- the picture does not do it justice. Brenda said the quilt is not completed as she has yet to decide on the type of border.


The following are some more pics of quilts that include machine embroidery.

More Show 'n Tell quilts.

Retreat Pictures

The retreat this weekend was sew much fun! I got to see people that I normally only see at this retreat. It is hard to believe that we will have our 10th retreat next year! In honor of this, the charter members will be swapping churn dash blocks with a silver or gray center. The background will be different from the center and the other fabrics will be a fabric that would reflect our interests/personality.

The entire group will be swapping buildings! We are going to make a "My Town" quilt. We put different building names in a hat and drew for the building we would make. What a surprise -- I drew the fire station -- this is very appropriate since my son is a fireman.

There were beautiful quilts for show 'n tell -- beautiful embroidery work. See the pictures in another post.

January 10, 2008

Weekend Plans

Well, here I sit at work thinking about the weekend. I am going on another quilting retreat! This will be the 2nd one for 2008. Wow -- what a way to start out 2008.
This year is the 9th year for this retreat. This was the first quilting retreat that I ever went on. The lady who coordinates the retreat is a teacher, and she decided to host a retreat for some of the ladies who took classes from her -- the rest is history! I made some very lasting friendships through that first retreat 9 years ago.
I am planning to work on Josh's quilt that I started at the retreat last weekend. The pattern is Chexx Mixx by Atkinson Designs and done in reproduction fabrics. I have 10 blocks made -- only 100 to go!!! He wants a king-size quilt! (What we do for our kiddos!). Anyway, I have over half of the blocks cut out so I plan to sew, sew, sew this weekend and make headway.
Be sure to watch my blog for pictures!

Blogging Problems

Okay, is it me????? I'm having problems with my blog. I go in to edit layout and it will not let me change the font size. I also notice that my links (blogs I like to visit) do not seem to be showing up. However, when I go into layout edit, they are there.

Anyone have any suggestions????? Thanks in advance.

January 7, 2008


I hope everyone is getting off to a great start in 2008. I know that I am! I spent the first weekend at a quilting retreat at the Compass Centre in Mt. Calm, Texas. I couldn't think of a better way to start the year! I started on the quilt that my son in Virginia has requested. I have 10 blocks made -- I only need 100 more blocks! LOL! Most of the blocks have been cut so I'll just have to get to sewing.

This next weekend, I will be going on another quilt retreat. This will be our 9th year to get together the 2nd weekend in January. It is really hard to believe that we have been retreating together that long. I'm packed and ready to go! I hope to make some more progress on my son's quilt. There is no internet connection at this retreat, so I'll not be reporting until after I get home.

I wish you all a quilty week!

January 5, 2008

Roundrobin Reveal

After a long year of working on roundrobins, we reveal the final products this weekend. My center was an Uncle Sam that was from a previous 'brown box' American swap that I did with the guild. It just so happens that my Wacky Friend Rhonda made the block. I just loved it and since I love the good ole red/white/blue, I just had to use Uncle Sam for the center. It turned out GREAT. I just love all the rounds that the girls put on it. My Wacky Friend, Molly, did the final round and personalized it with my youngest son's name. My son served in the USAF and now works for the U.S. Government so it was quite appra-pro (can't spell that word) that she make it personal for him.

The picture to the right is the Roundrobin group. (L to R) Molly, Me, Cheryl, Debbie, Melissa, and Rhonda.