July 15, 2011


The time has come for me to share the story of the "panty snatcher"! If you have been reading my blog (not that there have been a lot of posts lately), you know that I lost my precious husband a couple of months ago. You also know that he had spoiled me rotten. You see, he was retired and I was still working. He took care of the house, the yard, did a little cooking, and he also did the laundry. WAIT! I know some of you are in a panic -- "she lets her husband wash her clothes????" In my closet was a basket and if there were pieces of clothing I didn't want him to wash (let's face it -- men can really screw up our favorite clothing in the washing machine), I just put it in the basket and I would take care of the washing.

In the week or so after his passing, I would wonder "where are those special capri pants I love to wear, or I wonder where that ole t-shirt is that is so comforting"? I just blew it off that they were "here somewhere" and that in my sudden grief and dispair, I had just put them "somewhere" (you know -- those places that we never know WHY we put them there in the first place).

Typically, I am one of those people who like to shower in the mornings. One morning, I arose getting ready to take my shower. I go to my panty drawer, open it, and to my surprise, there were only TWO pairs of panties!!!! I was in a state of panic -- WHERE WERE ALL OF MY PANTIES??? I mean, my drawer was always stocked with panties. I just couldn't imagine. My mind went into overtime. I decided there must be a panty snatcher in the area!! Now I have some really awesome neighbors -- they know I'm here alone and they tend to look out for me. I just couldn't believe that they never told me someone was stealing panties! But then I thought "they just didn't want to scare me". Okay, so I go on to take my shower and get dressed for work. As I am in the shower, I just keep thinking about what happened to my panties! I said "Lord, I don't know what is going on, but SOMEONE has stolen ALL OF MY UNDERWEAR!!!!!!". As I am washing my hair, it suddenly hits me -- I NOW HAVE TO DO ALL OF THE LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!! There is NO panty snatcher in the neighborhood -- just a crazy, grief-stricken woman who hasn't done the laundry!!! Then I began to laugh and laugh and laugh. You know the kind of deep laugh that you can't stop and you laugh so hard you nearly pee yourself (good thing I'm still in the shower!). Whew, so glad that mystery was solved!! I mean, I was really concerned!

Not to fear folks -- my panty drawer is full again -- I have been doing the laundry! So now you have the 'rest of the story'.

Stayed tuned for more adventures in this new season of my life. Who knows??? I may even have some quilting stores to share eventually! (I'm still trying to get my mojo back -- haven't sewn a stitch since my sweet honey passed).

July 12, 2011

A Season of Life

Hello Friends, I have certainly neglected my blog lately. What have I been doing???? Well, it certainly hasn't been quilting or sewing. I have not sewn a single stitch since Ron's passing! I am trying to get my mojo back! I will be attending a retreat with my Wacky sistas the end of the month so I'm sure they will get me inspired.

I have been doing some reading and learning to cope and live in this new season of my life. You see I work full-time. Ron was retired and I lovingly referred to him as my "house boy". He kept the house clean, did laundry, and cooked -- well cooked most of the time. He did these things in between hunting and fishing. I was VERY SPOILED and didn't realize how spoiled I was. I have mowed the grass only ONE TIME IN MY LIFE! I don't even know how to start the lawn more -- that contraption is foreign to me -- LOL. My dear oldest son has been taking care of the yard for me, but is going to teach me how to use the mower. I've realized that I have to do laundry (I'll save the story of the alleged 'pantie snatcher' for another post), cook, wash my car, take it in for oil changes, and many other sundry things. Just this week it struck me that I may need to check the a/c filter! I walk around my house and think "oh my gosh, I am totally responsible for this place!

How am I coping you ask? Well, it is simply by the love and grace of God. I have a very strong faith and a great network of friends. I have many, many bad moments (and sometimes days), but 'these too shall pass' in time. I also have many, many wonderful moments too. You see, Ron and I were 'best friends' and were just approximately six weeks shy of our 40th wedding anniversary. When he left this world, he took a part of me with him, but he also left a part of himself with me -- his strong will, his love, and a zillion memories! He also left me with the knowledge that I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN! I know without a doubt that he is living in the most glorious place -- a place that words cannot describe. I know that when my time on this old earth is over, he will be waiting for me. This knowledge brings me great comfort. Also, knowing that my Heavenly Father is constantly holding my hand on this journey and equipping me with everything I need is my constant strength.

SEW, I went to the local quilt shop today and picked up some fabric for an apron swap. I'm hoping to get back into the studio this weekend to do some sewing/quilting. I am thinking that signing up for this swap and having a deadline will get me back to my sewing.

I have rambled enough for now. Stay tuned and I'll share the "pantie snatcher" story in a future post!!! It was quite an awakening for me but a funny one!

Ya'll have a Blessed week and I hope all your stitches are perfect and your seams are all quarter inch.