February 12, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin

Well, I did it! I was 'blog surfing" and came across the "Spring Fling Round Robin". I just recently completed a 12-month round robin and it was sew much fun that I decided to join in on this RR. It is a much smaller quilt and a smaller timeframe! I think it will be fun. Margaret is hosting this and I'm really excited. I wish I knew how to add a link to her site -- here it is in case you would like to join: http://springflingroundrobin2008.blogspot.com/

There's a New Kid in Town

There is a new kid in town -- "K.B." the little rat terrier! K.B. was born on 11/29/07. He moved in with us on Saturday, February 2. He is just precious. I bought him for my husband for Valentine's Day. He has been wanting a little rat terrier for a long time now. I found this little guy in Conroe. He is finally used to us and the house and getting a really fiesty little personality. Our other dog -- a schnauzer named Jackson -- hates him! At first, Jackson just flew into him and we had to separate the two dogs. Now Jackson just totally ignores K.B. It is too funny!

K.B. has graciously allowed my DH and I to remain in the house and allows us to sleep with him in the queen-size bed!!!! He is SO ROTTEN!

February 4, 2008

January Sewing Time

I have tallied up the time I spent sewing during January and the grand total for the month is 95.5 hours.

Not all of this sewing was on the sewing machine. I have been making yo-yo's with the new yo-yo makers and I do that while watching TV with my hubby. It's amazing how just an hour or two here and there adds up.

I don't think February numbers will be as high as January. I'm getting ready to go on a cruise, ya know! Still got lots to do for that -- making final decisions on wardrobe, packing, etc.