August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna! She is having this wonderful give-away over at Around the Block for her birthday. Go check it out for yourselves and make a comment. However, don't get your heart set on winning 'cause I'm going to win! LOL

August 30, 2008

My New Light

For a while, I have been wanting the new "bendable light" for my Janome. My Friend, Kathleen, has one and she said she loved it. While retreating with the Wackies, I traded my Sew-Steady table with Molly for a Bendable Bright Light. My DS#2 and DIL gave me the Sew-Easy table so I didn't need the acrylic table anymore. Molly also has a Janome, SEW, we traded! I love my new addition to my Janome. Let's just say that it puts a "whole new light on the subject."

August 24, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap -- Complete

I am participating in the Miniature Booty Swap that Quilting Pirate is hosting. We were assigned a partner and are to make a small quilt for that partner. Shhhhh -- it's a secret! I can't tell you who will receive this quilt.
I hope that the recipient will enjoy this quilt as much as I have enjoyed working on it. It was a really fun project. Notice the cute paisley print used as the backing and the fun brown and pink dot fabric for the binding. Both fabrics were used in the tiny little pinwheels along with a number of other fabrics. I like the scrappy look. I just wonder where oh where this little quilt will go??????? I'll never tell!
Now, I'm ready to start another. I'm having really fun doing these miniature swaps! Thank you Quilting Pirate for hosting such a fun swap!

New ISP & Blog Problems

A few weeks back, we 'bit the bullet' and got rid of the SLOW dial-up connection and opted for satellite ISP. Do you realize what a pain it is to change your email address on everything??? You never remember all the places it needs to be changed. Little by little, I'm getting everything changed.

Now, onto my blog problems. I still have to use my old email address to sign in which is no problem to me, BUT on the commnet pages, it says "send followup email commnets to "my old email address". How in the world do I change this????? On the publishing page, I successfully changed the address to the new one.

Now another problem, I uploated a new template from the "cutest blog on the net" and the little box that advertises that is right over the title of my top post!!! I've notice other blogs where it is over in the left hand side bar. Now what's up with that and how do I fix that??

Okay, I finished complaining and asking questions; I'm heading to the studio to do some serious quilting -- be sure to watch for pictures!

August 22, 2008


Thank God it is Friday! What a week it has been. I've been very busy at work and so ready for the weekend.
I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with lots of peace, love, and LOTS OF QUILTING! I'm hoping to get some quilting done this weekend -- but then I have started a really good book -- NO, NO, NO -- I can only read at night when I go to bed! I MUST QUILT -- LOL!
Have a good one! I hope to post some accomplishments!

August 19, 2008

Raining in Texas

Well, our part of Texas is getting some much needed rain -- YEA! I just wish that I was able to sit at home and sew and watch it rain out the window! Oh well, somebody's gotta work -- LOL!
I enjoyed my retreat this weekend. I feel like I got a number of things accomplished, but there is still sew much more to do! I'm looking forward to Labor Day Weekend -- I plan to get lots of sewing accomplished!

Well, ya'll all have a great day!

August 17, 2008

Sunday Already?

Here we are at the retreat and it is ALREADY SUNDAY! WaaaWaaaa.....We have to go home today -- back to reality. Here are a few pictures of things on the design boards and various other things.

The picture to the right is of a stack n whack that someone is making. I've never done this technique. It is really interesting looking.

Here is my Americana star block that I am making for the Wacky exchange. Ignore the right-hand side of the picture -- I cropped the picture but now I can't find it on my computer......duh.....

Here is Rhonda giving Kathleen a quick shoulder massage on late Saturday afternoon -- ohhhh we were getting tired!
Check out this cute Betty Boop quilt. It is hanging in the dining room. It is really cute.

August 16, 2008

Is this Yours?

Look at this quilt.....It is looking for a home.....The only thing left to do is to quilt, bind, and put on a label. I wonder where it's final destination will be???????

Good Saturday Morning!

Good Morning Quilters.....Live from the Compass Centre Retreat in Mt. Calm, Texas! I am posting a few pictures of items that are on the design walls around the room. Enjoy the view!

Melissa, the Retreat Owner, was working on a string block swap that she is involved with one of her groups.

The Christmas Quilt (to the left) was made by Jerri. Jerri, Kathleen and I went to Paducah a few years back and we all bought this pattern and challenged each other to complete the quilt. Well, Jerri won! Isn't it beautiful? It just came back from the quilter who did a fabulous job.

This quilt to the right is one that Kathleen is making for her niece who is graduating high school this year. It is very nice. Can you see the star pattern?

This quilt to the left is one that Nancy is making for her hubby. Isn't it cool? It is from the book The Modern Quilt Workshop. She is also making a wallhanging to match.

The picture to the right is the black/white braid quilt that Liz is working on. Liz is a little instigator and wanted to go around and take everyone's needles out of their machines when they went to bed -- BAD GIRL!

Now the picture to the left, could that be the Miniature Booty Swap???? Maybe....Maybe Not!

August 15, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap

Here is a little progress on the Miniature Booty Swap that Quilting Pirate is hosting. I have a LOT more done than this, but you'll just have to wait a bit to see more pictures. Wonder who is getting it???????

I arrived at the Compass Centre yesterday just after Noon. It took a while to get my space set up, but then I got BUSY! I have completed my center for the Spring Fling Round Robin 2 swap and am in the middle of the Miniature Booty Swap.

We are having a great time! My Wacky Friends, Rhonda, Jerri, Kathleen, and Annie are all here. We are just laughing and having fun. We have met some new people and they are CRAZY! To the right is a picture of the group -- LOL!!!!
I'll be posting more pictures throughout the retreat so stay tuned!

August 10, 2008

Let's Go on a Retreat!

I will be going on a quilt retreat this coming weekend at the Compass Centre in Mt. Calm, Texas. It will be four days of wonderful quilting, laughing, eating, and fellowship. I can't wait! I've already decided what I'll work on: Spring Fling Round Robin 2 Center block; Miniature Booty Swap; Swap Blocks for the January Retreat, and Wacky Pac Swap blocks. Yes, LOTS OF SWAPS! My friend, Jerri, says I am a "joiner". I think I just like the challenge of getting it done and also the different things I get in return. I just hope I get a lot of this list accomplished.
Stay tuned to my blog for posts from the retreat this weekend.

My Weekend!

Well, my weekend plans went to heck in a handbasket -- NOT at all what I had planned. I had plan to complete my center block for the Spring Fling Round Robin 2 and start my Miniature Booty Swap, but NO, I had to go and get sick! I woke up Friday morning feeling a bit queasy in the stomach, but went on to work anyway. By 10:30 a.m. I was home in bed! I have decided I must have had some type of 48-hour stomach virus. I was running at both ends (more info than you really wanted) and also running a low-grade fever. NO FUN! If I wasn't in the bathroom, I was sleeping! I've never slept so much in my life! I feel much better -- still not my best -- but at least I can sit on the couch and play on my laptop! I'm really trying to do better at my posting on my blog so I guess maybe this "sick post" can count!

August 7, 2008

Glass of Texas Wine????

Would you like a glass of Texas wine to help me celebrate? Did you know that Texas is the 5th in the Nation in wine production? The Texas Department of Agriculture sponsors a quilt block contest each year. As I posted earlier, I (along with 3 of my Wacky Friends) entered blocks. I received notification today that my block (see picture to the left) was one of the blocks chosen! I was really excited. I wasn't too sure if it would get picked or not. My Wacky friend, Rhonda, also had her block chosen as well. Yea!!! We are so excited. We will go to the Texas State Fair for the unveiling ceremony. We hope to make it a "Wacky Trip" -- LOL! But then all of our trips are "Wacky" when the Wacky Pac gets together!

August 6, 2008

Internet Connection/Happy Birthday

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe it. I no longer have a dial-up internet connection. I gave up on getting DSL in my area and "bit the bullet" and went with the internet by satellite. Actually, it is MUCH faster than my previous dial-up. I uploaded this picture of my son and hubby and it was QUICK. Now, I will be blogging more. It was just a pain before with the dial-up. Most of the time I couldn't even upload pictures and had to try to do it from work. Watch out Blog Land!!!!
Happy Birthday Josh! Today is my youngest son's birthday -- the big 32. It is hard to believe! Gee, his Dad is getting old (but I'm not!). LOL! He is a very successful young man and I am very proud of him. I hope he has bunches more birthdays!