August 22, 2008


Thank God it is Friday! What a week it has been. I've been very busy at work and so ready for the weekend.
I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with lots of peace, love, and LOTS OF QUILTING! I'm hoping to get some quilting done this weekend -- but then I have started a really good book -- NO, NO, NO -- I can only read at night when I go to bed! I MUST QUILT -- LOL!
Have a good one! I hope to post some accomplishments!


Teresa said...

So what are you reading?

Kathy said...

I am reading "The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love". It is the first book in a series called the Ladies of Covington.

My quilting buddie, Jerri, told me about them and I just started reading it yesterday.

I love to read and quilt so it will be a toss up this weekend! LOL! I think I'll quilt by day and read by night. Yep I think I have a plan.