August 24, 2008

New ISP & Blog Problems

A few weeks back, we 'bit the bullet' and got rid of the SLOW dial-up connection and opted for satellite ISP. Do you realize what a pain it is to change your email address on everything??? You never remember all the places it needs to be changed. Little by little, I'm getting everything changed.

Now, onto my blog problems. I still have to use my old email address to sign in which is no problem to me, BUT on the commnet pages, it says "send followup email commnets to "my old email address". How in the world do I change this????? On the publishing page, I successfully changed the address to the new one.

Now another problem, I uploated a new template from the "cutest blog on the net" and the little box that advertises that is right over the title of my top post!!! I've notice other blogs where it is over in the left hand side bar. Now what's up with that and how do I fix that??

Okay, I finished complaining and asking questions; I'm heading to the studio to do some serious quilting -- be sure to watch for pictures!


Teresa said...

Wish I could help you, but I get so confused with this internet stuff.

Jerri said...

Can you change this on the Dashboard, Edit Profile, Identity. Or maybe that's where you already changed your email address?