June 10, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

I have decided to do something different on my blog. I am going to have "Tuesday Thoughts" each Tuesday of the week. I may post about quilty or non-quilty things. Who knows? Just remember I am a member of the Wacky quilting group so it may just be something really wacky that I post about.

Today, I will post about Love. What is love, you ask? Love is never having to say you are sorry. Haha -- now I've shown my age with this line from the old movie Love Story.

Tomorrow my hubby and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary! We had only known each other about 6 weeks when we got married so I guess you can say it was "love at first site". (Gee how corny!) Now granted, these past 37 years have not been all rosy -- there were some rocky times, but I think that is healthy in a relationship -- makes you appreciate each other.

My hubby is my very best friend. He has been with me thru birth, death of my parents, my career, life disappointments, illness, and many more things. We have a blast together and love to have a good time! We both love the Lord so that makes our relationship even more special.

Here is a picture of us at our wedding back in 1971. Check out those sideburns on hubby -- LOL! How funny! I sewed back then too (but not quilting) and made my wedding gown and veil. The silver goblets were a gift from his brother. These goblets were both used at the weddings of our two boys and hopefully will be used in generations to come.

June 9, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap

Well, I've done it! I've got hooked on miniature quilts. I joined the Spring Fling Round Robin and it was sew much fun. Margaret (aka "SuperMom") hosted it. She told me about the Miniature Booty Swap that her friend, Quilting Pirate, is hosting. I read the rules and decided to join. (My Wacky Pac friends are probably rolling their eyes at me right now -- LOL -- I mean it is due until September!!!)
Go over to the Miniature Booty Swap and check it out!

June 7, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin

I have been participating in the Spring Fling Round Robin that Margaret is hosting. It has really been fun. We each were paired up with 3 other partners. We each made a center and then the center traveled on and had two borders added. The fourth person had the responsibility to quilt, bind and put the label on the quilt. Then the fourth person sent the finished quilt on to some lucky person.

I've been trying all weekend to upload a picture but Blogger and I are having "issues"! I think it could be because I'm on "dial-up". Sometimes I can upload pictures and sometimes I can't -- go figure. Anyway, you can go to the link above "Spring Fling Round Robin" and go to the post "Leaving Texas" to see the quilt I finished!

A big thank you to Margaret who is our hostess. She does a great job!!!!!!

Mr. Postman

Wow, what a day I had! The postman delivered me a box from DS#2 and DIL who live in Williamsburg, VA. I opened the box and there were two get well cards -- one even sang to me! Along with the cards were this beautiful collection of fabric -- by Windham -- The Williamsburg Christmas Collection -- 27 beautiful fat quarters!!!! Now talk about a great gift for a quilter!!! This sure did lift my spirits! I was sew excited! The fabrics came from Love 2 Quilt a great little shop in Williamsburg that I got to patronize while visiting Williamsburg in December.

I went out to my studio (separate from my house) to "piddle around". I heard a vehicle drive up (I live in the country so if you hear a car, they are coming to visit.) and looked out the window. There was the FedEx truck. Now, I was thinking "what has my hubby ordered now? Probably fishing stuff." Well, the guy gets out of the truck and it was a box FOR ME!!!! I hadn't ordered anything, so I was baffled. Lo and behold, it was another box from DS#2 and DIL!!! A Sew-EZ Table that I had been wanting. This was my birthday and Mother's Day gift! They had told me my gift would be a bit late, but when I got the fabrics I thought that was my gift!

This is a picture from the website. I'll have to post a pic of the "real thing with my machine" later as I have to get my hubby to put the table together. I can't because of my recent surgery, I can't lift anything over 5 lbs!

June 3, 2008

Quilting Bloggers

It's official! I'm now a member of the Quilting Bloggers. This is a site that lists quilting blogs all over the world. They are organized by country, state, etc. The site offers many great links. Go check it out -- you may want to join too!


Yippee! I'm doing the happy dance! I went to the doctor today and he removed the staples from my abdomen (there was a bunch of them, too!) It's been two weeks today since my surgery. I'm feeling so much better. I am released to return to work on June 16 so I still have some time to heal and hang out at home. I hope I will get to do some sewing. I did some over the weekend, but stopped every little while as I would get really tired.
On the way to the doctor, dear hubby took me to Suzys Quilt Shop in Garland, TX. I had not been to this shop before, but had heard lots about it. It was a nice shop. I bought the pattern Anna's Garden -- applique! I also bought a number of reproduction background fabrics to use to make this pattern. While in Williamsburg, VA, during Christmas Holidays, I purchased the Williamsburg line of fabric and plan to use it for this pattern as well. It will take me a while complete this quilt but it will be fun.

June 1, 2008

Oh My! Looky Ethel!

Lucy is beside herself with disbelief! She can't believe that "the block" is finally finished!!!!!! She had to run and call Ethel and have her come over and look!

As you know I live in Texas. The Texas Agriculture Department has a quilt block competition each year depicting something about Texas. This year, the theme was wine. Did you know that Texas is the 5th in the nation in wine production??? Well, I didn't realize this either.

Sew, on to the block. I received my packet of fabrics that are required to be used in the block. I decide to make a block that is mainly applique' but with some piecing. I chose the Texas (duh) in red/white/blue like our State flag and then using a barrel, grapes, and wine glasses. I made the applique portion (which includes all aforementioned items and tons of those little round circles for grapes that were HAND APPLIQUED onto the piece -- everything else was machine appliqued). I get the applique' portion completed and am so proud -- now on to adding the piecing. What?????? I did the color scheme on Texas WRONG. It is white on top NOT RED!!!! I was so upset. Not only did I do the Texas applique'wrong, I was now OUT OF THE REQUIRED FABRIC. Well lucky for me, my Wacky Pac Sister, Kathleen, decided not to enter and gave me her fabric packet. You rock, Kathleen!

I wasn't able to get the block made before my surgery as May was wild for me (see previous post). Well this weekend, I was DETERMINED to make the block so it could be mailed on Monday -- afterall, the block was due on THURSDAY!

After a bit of anquish and the encouragement of all my Wacky friends, I completed the block. That little sucker is all packed up and will head to the U.S. Postal service first thing in the morning for its trip to Austin, TX.

Now to wait and see if my block is selected to be in the quilt!

Happy Birthday!

It is so hard to believe that my oldest grandson turn 9 years old today!!!! It seems like yesterday we were in our motorhome heading home from North Carolina and we got "the call". Jen's in labor, get to College Station, TX. Here we go, peddlin' as fast as we can. We get to our house, jump out of the motorhome, into the car and we were GONE! Thank goodness we had other friends on the trip with us and they put the motorhome up, etc. We made it! In fact, we had to wait a while when we got there, but the wait was well worth it!

Calam is a very smart, intelligent child (go figure -- he's my grandson -- LOL) and very sweet and affectionate. He and I have a very special bond and relationship. I'm the one he confides in and tells me about, well, you know, the girls, etc. LOL! We have two other grandchildren who are just as special. BUT, there is something really special about that "first grandbaby".
This picture was taken about a month ago when he showed his chickens at the county fair for the first time. He placed 4th out of 47 pens of birds. Pretty good to be his very first year in 4-H!

Happy Birthday Calam -- Mammy loves you!