June 7, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin

I have been participating in the Spring Fling Round Robin that Margaret is hosting. It has really been fun. We each were paired up with 3 other partners. We each made a center and then the center traveled on and had two borders added. The fourth person had the responsibility to quilt, bind and put the label on the quilt. Then the fourth person sent the finished quilt on to some lucky person.

I've been trying all weekend to upload a picture but Blogger and I are having "issues"! I think it could be because I'm on "dial-up". Sometimes I can upload pictures and sometimes I can't -- go figure. Anyway, you can go to the link above "Spring Fling Round Robin" and go to the post "Leaving Texas" to see the quilt I finished!

A big thank you to Margaret who is our hostess. She does a great job!!!!!!


The Quilting Pirate said...

Margaret is my idol!! :) She rocks!

Kathy said...

I can see why Margaret is your idol. She is a neat Lady!

mak said...

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