August 2, 2010

A Wacky Row Quilt

Okay, sew most of you know that I belong to a group called the "Wacky 6-Pac Quilters". Yep, we ALWAYS have something going on. Back a few (like maybe 8 mos.) ago, we decided to do a Row Quilt. Each Wacky would decide their theme, the size of the row, and then prepare their first row. Molly, Rhonda, and Annie have their first rows done!!! That leaves Kathleen and me without a row done.

My theme is SPRING! I started way back when and then my fence was as big as my house!!! This weekend, I decided to completely start over. I'm stickin' with the theme of Spring but doing it a bit differently. I have made these three blocks. Now keep in mind they will be sewn together to make my row and there may be more blocks added to get it to the size row I would like to have.

Here ya go........I still have to stitch around them. At first I was going to do it by machine, but now I've decided to do hand-embroidery (LOVE me some hand-embroidery) and embellish with buttons, etc. Enjoy the preview and there will be more updates to come.......

August 1, 2010

Tree Time -- Block #8

I spent the month of July getting my last two blocks in Tree Time done and I am determined to NOT fall behind again! SEW.....without further is block #8 for August..........

I am sew lovin' this BOM that Molly has so graciously shared with all of us. It is really fun and the finished product will be awesome. Go over to Molly's Place and check it out. You can still download the patterns. Git-R-Done Girls! Lots of fun and a great way to learn to work with wool and hand-embroidery.