December 27, 2010

Reflections of 2010 and Looking at 2011

Christmas is over, the decorations are packed away for another year. It is that time of the year when I look back at the year ending to see what changes I may need to make in my life. I did lots of sewing and accomplished a number of projects. One thing I know I did that I plan to correct in 2011 is overloading myself! I tend to get excited and 'caught up in the moment' and get myself into more 'stuff'. When I do this, I have to rush to complete things that I don't always do them to the best of my ability. Do you every do this??

Another area in my life that needs more attention is my spiritual life. I need to spend more time in the Word and becoming the woman that God wants me to be not the woman I want to be.

I am looking forward to completing some UFOs (I know, I know, that was a goal last year too!), working on my friend Molly's Boot Boogie BOM at her blog, getting some of those quilt tops quilted, learning new techniques, and making more memories with my family and my Wacky quilting buddies.

I pray God's wisdom and grace upon you in 2011. May you rest in His love.

2011 ~ Bring it on Baby 'cause I'm ready!!!!

December 18, 2010

A Mini Quilt Show

During the Thanksgiving holidays, we were visiting friends, Shelly and Jason, at Canyon Lake, Texas. Shelly and Jason were celebrating their first Thanksgiving in the brand new home! While being shown the home, I spotted a most beautiful crazy quilt draped across the recliner. Ya know how us quilters seem to just zone in on these things! Of course I had to check it out. Here is Shelly and her Mother-in-Law, Frances, showing the quilt. Shelly's grandmother made this crazy quilt -- ALL BY HAND. The picture does not do it justice -- absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There is handembroidery all over this quilt.
Here is a closer look of the quilt -- just stunning!

After I finished oooohhhhing, awwwwwing and drooling over her crazy quilt, Shelly showed me a few more quilts her grandmother made. The following quilt is a baby quilt for Shelly's baby. Shelly doesn't have any children YET. Her grandmother is no longer with us, but she had the foresight to leave a treasure behind for the great-grandchild she would not get to know.

The pic below shows the handstitched Bible verse. Shelly said that every quilt her grandmother made always included a verse stitched by hand.

Check out this double wedding ring quilt. It is basted together. Her grandmother had started the handquilting but didn't get it finished before she passed.
Here is a close-up of one of the quilted blocks.
Shelly showed me another quilt made by her grandmother -- one she made for Shelly.

.....and with further ado, MEET SHELLY -- the hostess with the mostess! Shelly is a school teacher in the New Braunfels Independent School District.

Thank you Shelly for sharing your wonderful quilts and treasures from your Grandmother!

December 11, 2010

A Wacky Christmas Outing

Every year, the Wacky 6-Pac quilters get together. It started out we met at a member's house, exchanged gifts, ate, and laughed till we wet our pants. After our dear Jerri became sick, we went to a restaurant so it would be easier on Jerri (and the rest of us). This year is our first Christmas without our dear friend. For those who may not know, Jerri went home to Jesus last March. There are only 5 of us Wackies now, but we continue to keep the name "Wacky 6-Pac" 'cause we will always be six -- Jerri is constantly with us in spirit.

This year we decided to take a road trip to our favorite quilt shop, Common Threads in Waxahachi, Texas. So, we meet in town and off we go............

Lo and behold, there were racks of fabric 50% off. Did I say 50% off???????? Oh, how we quilters love a good sale on fabric. Our member, Molly, (you know her from Molly's Place) was looking for fabric for her red/green quilt. Here she is so focused on all that sale fabric!!The girl just couldn't decided what she wanted....Here she is again trying to escape the camera!

As I walked around the shop.....talking about the PRECIOUS baskets that both Molly and I have (the others don't have one...hehehehehehehe.....), caught Rhonda redhanded looking at the books -- like she needs 'one more book'.
This is just ONE of the darlin' displays the shop has. Check it out. They reproduced an antique quilt and displayed the antique quilt in an old window frame. Now, just how cute is that?????

Looks like Rhonda hit that sale fabric too!!! Here she is getting all her beautiful fabrics cut.

As I continue my journey around the shop, I spy Kathleen (on the right) really concentrating on some fabrics....'should I get this?" And then there is Annie (on the left) -- she looks "perplexed" about something! I'm sure that we were NOT embarrassing her!! NO, NOT THE WACKIES!

We oogggleeed, awwwwweeeddd, and drooled at the mouth over this quilt and the quilting that was done on it! OMG, the picture does NOT do it justice. It was one of the many Block-of-the-Month's the shop offers.

Annie has made her selections and here she is getting fabrics cut. The lady to the left (sorry, but I didn't get her name) was not too sure about this "disturbed group of quilters" -- LOL!!!!

We all checked out with our purchases and decided there was not a better place to take our annual Christmas portrait than at our favorite quilt shop. So, here we are -- the Wacky 6-Pac Quilters ---- L-R: Annie, Me (Kathy), Rhonda, Molly, and Kathleen and the angel flying around is Jerri!

We took our purchases and loaded them in the back of Molly's car and we take off!
We head on over to the "Dove's Nest" for some lunch. This is a great place to eat and has lots of unique gift items. Check out there Christmas tree -- so different and full of sunflowers.

A view of the "Dove's Nest" --And here we are -- doing what we do best (with the exception of quilting of course) GETTING READY TO EAT!!!

After eating, we headed to the movie theater and watched "The Tourist" with Johnny Depp and Anglina JoLee (not sure I spelled that one right!). It was a cute move. We had an awesome time on our annual Christmas outing. Our next planned outing is in January when we will get together at the "deer camp" for some serious quilting.