December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm saying Happy New Year a day early as I will be traveling on New Year's Day. Our visit in Williamsburg is coming to an end. I sure hope we don't have flight delays! We are making a connecting flight in Chicago before flying into Dallas/Ft. Worth.
Speaking of New Years, have you made your resolutions? I didn't make any last year because I didn't believe I would keep them. BUT, I'm doing for 2008 and I plan to keep them. What are your New Year's Resolutions? Here are mine:
-- Spend more time in prayer and reading the Bible
-- Eat healthier and exercise -- gotta lose some of this body fat!
-- Reorganize my quilting studio
-- Focus on UFOs in 2008 (got lots of them!)
-- Focus on stashbusting instead of buying (unless absolutely necessary)
-- Be the best that I can be!
I hope all my cyber friends have a very blessed New Year!

December 28, 2007

Magazine Review

While visiting Williamsburg, I picked up the magazine Quilters Home. I've seen this magazine on the stands, but have not looked at it. I love it! It has interesting articles, patterns, recipes, and also has humor.
Much to my surprise when I opened the magazine, lo and behold, there was a letter to the editor from my niece!!!! What a surprise. The current issue has a great article on how to deal with "Quiltzilla" and we all have those in our lives. Another good article was how to beat the quilting block.
I have no affiliation with the magazine, just a happy reader!

December 27, 2007

Centennial Williamsburg

Here is a pic of the new 1800's line Centennial Williamsburg fabrics. Today, I went to "Love2Quilt" shop in Williamsburg. They had the entire line except for two fabrics -- they had already sold two complete bolts. The shop had not even cut any FQs yet. I ordered a FQ of each fabric they had. The shop called this afternoon and said they have my FQ bundle ready. I'm going in the morning to pick it up. I can't wait!!!! Not only has it been sanctioned by Williamsburg historians, I bought it in Williamsburg! Now I have to decide something special to make out of it as a reminder of my trip.
This collection is inspired by the collections of WILLIAMSBURG. Williamsburg, Virginia was a powerful center of thought and style during the 18th century. In this bustling town, patriots such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry established the ideals of liberty, independence, and personal freedom that influenced the founding of our nation and have inspired generations. Today it thrives as a restored town and living history museum.
The Centennial Collection spans 100 years of fabrics from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation archives, which contain nearly 400 years of antiques. Each pattern is faithfully reproduced or adapted from period clothing and quilts. This collection provides a rich array of 18th and 19th century textiles imported from England, Europe, and India as well as American-made fabrics from the 19th century.

December 26, 2007

Where's the Apple Pie?

When I arrived in Williamsburg, I asked my son "what are we having for Christmas lunch?" His response was "whatever you want to cook!" But then he proceeded to say that he thought turkey, stuffing, green beans, potatoes and pie would be good! Now keep in mind, this is the first Christmas we have spent with him in 5 years. I guess he was hungry for Mom's Christmas cooking. I prepared everything he wanted, including an apple pie. When I woke up this morning, I pitter-pattered down the stairs to the kitchen to make coffee. No one else was awake yet. When I went into the kitchen, this is what I saw on the table!
What the heck happened to the apple pie??? It appears DS sit at the table the night before eating pie and then thought what the heck, I'll just finish this thing off -- ate right out of the pie plate! That's okay, I can always make another one!

What's Your Stitch 'n Stuff

Today we are in Virginia Beach. We went to the quilt store "What's Your Stitch 'n Stuff". It was a nice store and the staff was very friendly. Here I am posing with the cashier at the checkout counter. They were having a sale -- 25% off your total purchase. I spent about $275. Most of this was for fabric that my DS, Josh picked out. He wants a king-size quilt for his bed. Guess what I'll be working on when I get back to Texas????
At least he picked fabrics that I like --reproduction fabrics! He chose a pattern by Atkinson Designs -- Chexx Mixx -- from their book 9-Patch Reunion. There are still a couple of quilt shops around here that we will visit tomorrow.
We are staying at the Hilton Hotel which is right on the beach. We have an ocean view with a nice balcony. Today, it was cool and raining. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice. I am hoping to be able to sit on the balcony, drink coffee and watch the sunrise. I hope to get some good pictures. I'll be sure to post them.
That's all for now!

The Day After Christmas

Sew, what are the plans for today in Williamsburg???? We are going to Virginia Beach. We have reservations at the Hilton right on the beach. We will get up in the morning and watch the sunrise -- I can't wait! On the way to VA Beach, we will be stopping at a few quilt stores -- YEA!
While staying at DS and DIL house, we have our own bedroom upstairs. There is a balcony off the bedroom overlooking a lake. The picture to the left is a picture I took when the weather was really drizzy and soupy! Christmas Day the weather was BEAUTIFUL, but did I take a picture -- NO! Shame on me.

Another neat thing about our bedroom is we are sleeping under a quilt -- a quilt made by my dear Mother. She made this quilt for Josh when he was in the USAF. It is handpieced and handquilted. When I walked in the room and saw the quilt, it made me smile. It's like having a big ole hug from my Mama.

The picture to the right is a picture of our "Grandpups". They are mini-pinchers. Major is on the left and he is the youngest of the two. Lisa is to the right. They are both SPOILED.

I have pictures taken at Colonial Williamsburg, but have not downloaded them from the camera yet. I'll try to get that done!

December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas Day. I sure have! I am posting from Williamsburg, VA. To the left is a picture of my DS and DIL tree. It is decorated with handpainted ornaments from Germany.

There are no longer gifts under the tree! We have already opened them. Josh and Patience gave me some Polish pottery -- straight from Poland!!! It is handpainted and signed by the painter. It is just beautiful. I have been wanting some since we visited them in Frankfurt, Germany, two years ago. They also gave me a beautiful silver bangle bracelet with scripture engraved on it. AND, they gave me a $100 gift certificate to a scrapbooking store.

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Newport News, VA, (about 30 min away) to go to a quilt store that was 'supposedly' having a sale. Well guess what? We found it (thank you Lord for the GPS) but it WAS CLOSED!!!! I was disappointed but that is okay; at least we tried.

After that we went and toured Colonial Williamsburg (I'll post more about that later). That was really fun.

That's all for now! I'll be posting more later.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

December 23, 2007

I am BAD!

I am so bad! It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. I've had good intentions, but life has just been in the way. I'm going to do better in 2008!

Today I am posting to you from Williamsburg,Virginia!!!! My DH and I are here visiting our DS#2 and DIL for the Christmas holidays. What a trip we had trying to get here flying from Texas via a connection in Chicago!!! Delays, delays, delays, but we finally made it. Yesterday was pretty much a day of rest but today we are going out to do some site seeing -- I can't wait!

I hope to be posting some pictures so keep on the lookout.

More later......