December 26, 2007

Where's the Apple Pie?

When I arrived in Williamsburg, I asked my son "what are we having for Christmas lunch?" His response was "whatever you want to cook!" But then he proceeded to say that he thought turkey, stuffing, green beans, potatoes and pie would be good! Now keep in mind, this is the first Christmas we have spent with him in 5 years. I guess he was hungry for Mom's Christmas cooking. I prepared everything he wanted, including an apple pie. When I woke up this morning, I pitter-pattered down the stairs to the kitchen to make coffee. No one else was awake yet. When I went into the kitchen, this is what I saw on the table!
What the heck happened to the apple pie??? It appears DS sit at the table the night before eating pie and then thought what the heck, I'll just finish this thing off -- ate right out of the pie plate! That's okay, I can always make another one!


MOLLY said...

Good Grief!! The child must have been stavin!!

Kathy said...

LOL! Actually about 3/4 of the pie was already gone, but I sure was wanting another piece! Oh well, he did me a favor as I DID NOT NEED IT!