June 17, 2015

Rippit! Rippit!

Good Morning All!  Rippit!  Rippit!  That's what I've been doing!!!  I'm making a "come back" with the quilting, but some things just never change!  LOL!  When you are piecing a block and you make a wrong cut, well, you know the song.... Rippit!  Rippit! At least it was just about 1/16th wrong so I was able to make the blocks work.

My LQS -- which I recently discovered!  And did I tell you it is ONLY 20 minutes from my front door to theirs???  Very dangerous!  Back to the LQS -- they have a block lottery each month.  The shop sells packets of fabric for $5 and it contains 4 fabrics to use in any type of 12-inch block you wish to make. Actually, I think it is a good marketing strategy -- gets people in the store and, hey, who doesn't want to win something!  Now, I'm not doing this because I need another UFO!!  Heavens NO.....I have boxes of them in storage that, hopefully, one day I'll get unpacked!  It's just a fun little thing and hopefully my blocks will bless the lucky winner!

I picked up the June packet and have made my blocks -- sorry, I failed to take a picture.  The fabric was very bright!  Why, I thought I'd have to wear sunglasses!  It was neon orange, yellow, pink, etc. -- really cute!!!

The July blocks will be Christmas.  Here is a pic of the two blocks (on my 'make shift design wall') that I will enter.  I'll let you know if I win.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit about my LQS -- Country Living Quilts.  They are tucked away in the country.

June 8, 2015

Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you each had a great weekend.  I sure did even though it was very busy!

I spent most of it at church.  We had a Ladies Tea -- Greater Joy!  Each table represented one of the fruits of the spirit and was decorated so beautifully.  I co-hosted the table "Love" and we decorated in red.  Here is a pic of just a few of the tables.

We decorated and prepared food all day Friday and the tea was on Saturday morning.  Great attendance and great support from the community.  I am new to this church and it was my first time to participate.  It was fun!

Today is housework day!  You know "housework makes you ugly" so I hope I don't look too bad after today.  It amazes me how a house can get so much dust everywhere!!!  I live alone and you would think it wouldn't get too dirty.....well, I have three grandchildren who visit often...so do I need to say more?????  LOL!

Have a terrific Monday! Hopefully, I'll get to work in a bit of sewing today!   Life is short....do something today that you LOVE!


June 4, 2015

I'm coming back!  It has been over TWO YEARS since I have posted on my blog!!!  Oh dear!  Lots of things have happened in those two years.  I'll share this in future posts.

If you have followed my blog -- hopefully, there are a few of you left -- you know that I lost my husband unexpectantly four years ago.  I lost interest in quilting and pretty much everything I enjoyed.  I guess grief can just do that to ya!!!

Well, I'm back to quilting and reading --my two very favorite pastimes.  There is joy in life and I am going to make the best of it.  Not to say that I don't miss my hubby --that I DO!!  However, I'm learning that I DO NOT WANT TO DIE WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE!!  So, I'm picking up the pieces (literally ;) and getting on with life).

I've made a table runner, working on a few UFOs (have enough to last me a lifetime!  LOL), and even starting a new project.

I'm really excited to be back to quilting and blogging so please stay tuned to see what type of shenanigans I am up too.

Have a Blessed Evening!!!