April 8, 2010

Remembering My Daddy

I am remembering my Daddy today as it would have been his 87th birthday. Below is a picture of Daddy standing in front of his TV van. Don't you just love that turquoise color? The picture does not do it justice. What you don't see in this picture are his crutches. My Daddy was crippled and wore braces on both legs and walked with crutches. He was in constant pain, but he never let that get in the way of providing for his family. He had a TV Sales/Repair Shop in Humble, TX. Not only did he repair TVs in his shop, he made 'house calls' where he would go into homes to repair TVs. Now days, we just throw away the TV and buy another. I remember when color TVs were available, we had one! People would come to our house to see the TV 'in living color'. I wonder what he would think of the TVs we have today -- hugh ones, flat screens, high definition, digital, etc.?????

He loved his kids and he loved his grandkids. He liked to take the grandkids to "the little store" so they could buy candy. Daddy was a veteran and served our country in World War II. He was also a amateur radio operator and at one time was the Civil Defense Director for Harris County Texas. He used to perform "telephone patches" via his ham radio so that servicemen could talk to their families via the radio.

He had a heart of gold and would give you his last dollar if you needed it. He had a rough life on this ole earth but now I know he is one of God's Angels and is now pain-free, running, and laughing. And I'm sure he is pulling tricks on the other angels and telling all those corny jokes. I love you and miss you terribly Daddy!!!!

April 5, 2010

Plantin' Trees

I have planted two more trees in the Tree Time BOM designed and hosted by my Wacky Sista and Friend, Molly. If you haven't joined in this great BOM you are truly missing a treat. Go over to Molly's Place and check it out! It only takes a little bit of time, fertilizer (materials) and your excitement will reach a very high level with this project. Come on......join us in the fun....it's time....Tree Time!
Sew, here are my trees:
Block #4
Block #3
Block #2
Block #1
This is going to be cutest lil quilt when it is all put together......Thanks Molly for such a fun project!