January 27, 2009

A Christmas Wish BOM

Gail Pan has offered a Christmas Wish BOM over at her sight. This is the first block. I really enjoyed stitching it; in fact I'm getting really into this hand-embroidery. I haven't added the borders yet. I think I'm going to wait until I complete the blocks and then decide the border fabrics. Check out my side bar and click on the Christmas Wish BOM for more details so you can join the fun.

January 26, 2009

January Gift of the Month

Here is a Christmas tablerunner that I completed this weekend - easy, peasy! Just some focus fabric with two borders. I quilted a cross-hatch pattern on the focus fabri and stitch in the ditch on the borders. It is my January Gift of the Month. I hope to get one more item completed this month.

January 25, 2009

Kim's Having a Give-Away

Go over check out Kim at Bitty Bits & Pieces. She is having a give-away of some of the cutest little bag w/goodies and a second gift -- a love note! All in celebration of her 100th post.
Be sure and tell her Kathy at Humble Quilter sent you.

January 24, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

I have taken the plunge and started the "A Tisket, A Tasket" BOM....I spent most of today handstitching around the applique using the blanket stitch with Presencia thread. I think this is going to be a really cute quilt.

January 23, 2009

Birthday Bouquet of Flowers

In a previous post, I gave you a "teaser" with a picture of this quilt on the longarm. The gift was received today, so now I can show it since it made it safely to Virginia! Here is my daughter-in-law, Patience, with her Birthday Bouquet of Flowers" quilt that I made her for her birthday. She loved it!!!!

Awards, Awards, Awards!!!!

My dear Wacky Friend, Molly, over at "Molly's Place" has just given me not one but TWO awards! I am so honored!!!!!

The first award is "Honest Scrap" (not to be confused with "crap" she says). I am to reveal 10 things about myself to you which will require me to "search my soul"......oh dear.......here goes:

1. During high school, I worked for a doctor part-time. After I graduated, he contacted me and offered to send me to nursing school and then work for him! I turned him down. I had just started to work for Shell Oil Company and was on "top of the world". I often think about that and think "how could I be so dumb?"

2. I took a few semesters of college but never finished; sometimes I wish that I did graduate, but then I also think I faired quite well in the business world even without a college education.

3. I have stared cancer in the face, fought with all my might, and am now a 5-year survivor. This experience was a life lesson that taught me how precious life is and how precious my family and friends are to me.

4. I have a friend that I've been friends with since we were toddlers. We went thru school together -- 1st grade thru graduation from high school. We worked together at Shell Oil in Houston. We went thru pregancy together; We no longer live near each other but we remain friends. We don't have a lot in common anymore (I mean hobbies, etc.) but we do cherish each other's friendship and are always there for one another -- just a phone call away.

5. I met my husband at a dance and the rest is history. We knew each other 'maybe' six weeks before we got married. In June of 2009, we will celebrate 38 years together. He is my best friend and greatest ally.

6. I consider my two sons my greatest accomplishments. They are wonderful young men and have become very successful in spite of their parents -- LOL. I consider them both gifts from God and love them both very, very much.

7. I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and know that it is by His grace that I have made it thru some of the situations in my life.

8. I spent over a month in Europe a few years back. I never in my life thought I would ever do anything like that. I'll always cherish the memories of that trip.

9. I've wanted to go on a cruise my entire life. My husband would never go; it just didn't interest him at all. I 'finally' got to go and it was a 'quilting cruise' with eight of my dearest friends.

10. I zip-lined thru the jungles of Roatan, Honduras. I still can't believe that I did that as I am afraid of heights. I had a panic attack and truly thought I was going to die! I still can't believe I did it, but, by golly, I have a T-Shirt, pictures and witnesses -- LOL

Here we go to Award #2. I am to list five addictions:

1. Quilting

2. Blogging

3. My grandchildren

4. Reading

5. Eating too much!

Now, I must forward these awards on to five deserving folks. Have fun!

1. Teresa at Stitchin Friends

2. Jen at Cre8ative Quilter

3. Pat at A Little of This and A Little of Pat

4. Lani at The Never Ending Adventure

5. Katy at the Country Blossom

January 18, 2009

A Weekend of Sewing

What a great weekend I am having......and it's not over! I am off work tomorrow as well -- YEA!
Here are a couple of things that I've worked on. First is a picture of what is (was) loaded on the quilting machine, "Betty Jo". I would give you more detail on this project, but it is a gift and shhhhh......this person may be a reader of my blog.......sew.........I cannot talk about it. The quilt is quilted and I am in the process of stitching down the binding. I'll post completed pics later.

The following is my completed quilt for the Teeny, Tiny Squares Doll Quilt Swap. It is made of two colors and the blocks are 1-inch finished. I can't say "who" will be receiving this little quilt, but I sure do hope she likes it. I am really enjoying making these miniature quilts. I believe that it is really improving my piecing skills. I will be posting more pictures of some miniatures later on........sew, stay tuned!

It's a Blogatine!

Crazy Lani is have a Happy Blogatine Give-Away. It is going to be sew much fun. Be sure to go to her blog and check it out! Lani, you rock!

January 12, 2009

Our Town Block Swap

As promised in yesterday's post, Here are the pictures of the "Our Town" block swap that we did at this weekend's retreat. Now I have to decide to put them together. I think I'll make a few more blocks to go with these. We were supposed to have 12 blocks, but two people opted out so I still need a church and a police station.
Barn Block made by Kathleen from Mexia, TX

Flower Shop Block made by Brenda from Centerville, TX -- check out the machine embroidery and silk embroidery flowers

Railroad Station Block by Joyce, Palestine, TX

Flower Shop by Brenda of Tennessee

Hospital Block by Anna, of Centerville, TX -- Check out the machine embroidery trees and ambulance

Beauty Shop Block by Bobbie, Palestine, TX

Library Block by Kim of Crosby, TX
Sweet Shop Block by Pat, Porter TXSchool House Block by Caroloyn, Palestine, TX

Fire Station Block by Me!

January 11, 2009

Weekend Retreat

I attend a quilt retreat this weekend at the Lakeview conference center in Elkhart, Texas. This was the 10th anniversary of this retreat. My very first quilt retreat I attend was this retreat. I am still attending (in self-defense! NOT REALLY -- just kidding). It is a great group of ladies and we have lots of fun.Here is the group picture that was taken this morning. Back Row (L-R): Joyce, Brenda, Katie, Brenda, Kathleen, Bobbie. Middle Row (L-R): Susan, Kim, Kathy, Carolyn, Anna, Brenda, Carol,
Sitting (L-R): Michelle, Joan, Vicki

Each year, we choose a project to swap at the next retreat. This retreat, we swapped buildings to make a "Our Town" quilt. There were 10 swappers who participated. Watch for future posts showing pictures. This year we decided to swap homemade pin cushions for the 2010 retreat.

We had a great show 'n tell that I will talk about in a future post.

January 8, 2009

Join the Fun!

Do you want a handmade Christmas? Come join the fun at Gift of the Month.

January 6, 2009

Oh My! A Surprise for Me!

I received the nicest surprise from my friend Fran at Making Memories One Stitch at a Time from Canada. She sent this really cute Reindeer Bag with a card and candy.
Along with the bag with the card and candy, I received fat quarters and a really cute snow man pattern.

Thank you Fran!!!!!

Gift of the Month

There was enough interest in the Gift of the Month that I have created a blog so we can share our accomplishments. Terri at Purple and Paisley was very gracious and created a badge for our project.
If you would like to join in the challenge, please leave a post at Gift of the Month and make sure you include your email address. If you contacted me about being part of the challenge and did not receive an invitation to post on the Gift of the Month Blog, that means I didn't have an email address for you. Send me you addy so I can get you added.

January 5, 2009


Whew! The Holidays were lots of fun, but I'm sure glad they are over! I'm just plain ole tired! I was off last weekend visiting family and friends out in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I returned to work today and boy has it been busy. Of course it is the first of the month and all those reports are due.
I am ready to get some sewing done! I am going on a quilting retreat this coming weekend, so I will be getting lots done during the retreat -- I hope!
I hope all you have had a great start for the New Year!