January 30, 2011

Civil War Quilt....in the making!

I spent most of yesterday working on the Civil War blocks that are being posted each week by Barbara Brackman in commemoration of the 2011 sesquicentennial. I had made a couple of the blocks previously, but was having some issues with my quarter-inch seam (don't we all at some point). I have those issues resolved and have re-made the first couple of blocks and got the other weeks caught up. Since she is posting a block each week, I certainly don't want to get behind. I think it is going to make a beautiful quilt.

Here is Block #1 -- "Catch Me If You Can"

Block #2 -- "North Star"
Block #3 -- "Seven Sisters"

Block #4 -- "Tears for Texas"

Block #5 -- "Kansas Troubles"

I will leave you with a a glimpse of my quilting studio "Mama and Me" and a picture of the new shelves my hubby built for me to store my fabric. Previously I had all of my yardage in a cabinet with doors. It was difficult to to find what I wanted, so I'd just go buy more fabric! Now I can glance up and see what yardage is available. I have separate drawer units that I use to store all of my fat quarters and store them organized by color. One of these days, I'll get pics posted of my entire studio. It is quite awesome (even if I do say so myself -- LOL).

January 6, 2011

Thursday -- Fruits of My Labor

I was able to take the day off because I had a day of comp time. I decided that today I would get a few things done and then pack and get ready for the quilting retreat that I'll be going on this weekend. I got a great start on 2011 projects.
First, here is the January block for Bunny Hill Designs "Henrietta Whiskers". This is going to be the cutest quilt. I love the piecework along with the applique. I used wool for Henrietta's body and cotton for the other appliques. I am going to handstitch the applique.

Here is the January block for the Boot Bash BOM hosted by Molly at Molly's Place. I have decided to use this background for all of the blocks. January's block has snow on it and I haven't added the snow around the boot yet.

The following is the first blocks in Barbara Brackman's Civil War quilt called "Catch Me If You Can". This quilt is to commenorate the sesquil centintennial. A new block pattern will be offered each week.

My car is packed and I'm ready to go retreating (well don't have the clothes packed yet) in the morning.

January 3, 2011

Let's Go Boot Scootin'!!!!!

Here in Texas, we are some hat-wearin', boot-scootin' folks. We love country music and we love to do a little dancin'. You need to walk -- no jog -- no RUN on over to Molly's Place. Molly is having a BOOT BASH and invites all of us to do a lil boot-scootin!!!! Once again, Molly is sharing her talent and creativity with us -- ALL FOR FREE! She is sponsoring the Boot Bash BOM. There will be a boot pattern for each month of the year or, as Molly says, just make it your own! So run on over and get your pattern downloaded so you can get your January boot made....It's gonna be TEXAS SIZE fun!

January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I was over visiting Ann Ida at Quiltoholic, and noticed her resolution for 2011. Now, I think this is just a great resolution so I decided to add it to my list! She gave me permission to use her badge, so if you feel inclined to join us, just add it to your blog and we can encourage each other! Happy Sewing!