August 28, 2009

Parade of Roosters

DUH....It seems that instead of 'saving' my post of my roosters, I published it on August 20th. No wonder I couldn't find it. Sorry about the confusion. Just scroll on down and take a look......

August 23, 2009

Retreat at Alford Inn

I am "finally" getting around to posting pictures from our recent retreat at Alford Inn in Van Alstyne, Texas. Here ya no particular order.

Rhonda was diligently working on a commissioned quilt for a lady. She was really concentrating and focused!
Kathleen was determined to get some of her WIP's completed.
The following are the BOM's from the internet that Kathleen has been working on. She is really doing a great job "keeping up".

Of course, we have to EAT while we are at retreats! This is the group at the Durning House Bed and Breakfast. The placed was really neat and I loved their decorating.

The following is the group at a local Mexican Food Restaurant (don't remember the name right now). The food was "okay" but the margaritas were to die for!!!!

Kathy and Molly loving those 'ritas!

MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA! 9/16 inch, 9/16 inch, 9/16 inch. We kept hearing someone muttering these words over, and over and over. We realized it was our Wacky Buddie, Molly. Molly is a pattern tester for Marsha McCloskey testing a new feathered star pattern. Here she is working on that block. Lookin' good Molly!

TA DA!!!! The block is done!

And here is the completed block. Way to go Molly! We are sew proud of you!

Of course, you have to drink a glass (or three) of wine while retreating. Here is Kathleen enjoying the wine. Really...she drank it out of a glass and not straight from the bottle but it sure makes a great picture!

Here is a picture of a Halloween table runner that I was working on.

Annie was busily working on her nickel square project.

Molly and Rhonda are taking a break from sewing and checking out the world wide web.

That's all for now folks.......I'll get some more pics posted later.

August 20, 2009

It's a Parade of Roosters!

Cock-a-doodle do! How are you? Want you come in and join the Rooster Parade. Here are pictures of some of my roosters. The pictures really aren't that great (surely it WASN'T the photographer) so I apologize for that first. I hope you enjoy your visit to my coop.

Notice the metal rooster on the shelf of this quilt rack. My Hubby made the rack years ago.

The rooster candle holder and shade sits on a really OLD ice box. There is also the rooster picture on the wall and of course the chicken wallpaper. Actually, this wallpaper has been on my walls FOREVER. I'm ready to change the walls up but still keep the rooster/chicken theme. Any ideas????

Rooster lamp sitting on the cabinet in my kitchen. I bought this lamp on one of my "shopping adventures" in the Hill Country.
Simple little rooster holding a chalkboard that I purchased on EBay.

Another "Hill Country" purchase -- Americana rooster which hangs on the side of my cabinet.

The centerpiece on my kitchen table is made from an old plow blade with the rooster feet. It really looks better than the picture shows. BTW, that's a candle with fruit around it.

A rooster in the corner of the cabinet, a rooster picture frame, and a small rooster hanging from the cabinet knob. Also, please don't be offended by that cookbook -- it stands for Babe In Total Control of Herself -- a gift from a quilting friend who has at the big quilting bee in Heaven.

Rooster rug at the entrance to my kitchen; there are several more througout the kitchen.

My 'prim rooster/hen" sitting in the basket.

A simple metal rooster than hangs from a beam in the kitchen.

My favorite rooster -- Jim Shore -- it stands about 2-1/2 feet tall.

Here is a crooked picture of the rooster that roosts on the mantel.

A big metal rooster that sits on the floor of the kitchen.

A set of soup bowls and soup tureen (isn't that the word?).

This rooster hangs on the door that goes from the game room into the kitchen.

My rooster chandelier that hangs over my kitchen table.

These are some signs that I made "many moons ago".

A whole string of roosters that my buddy, Kathleen, gave me.

In my kitchen; my hubby made the cabinet.

Another view.

.......That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by...Now I'm off to see the rest of the parade.

August 18, 2009

Alford Inn

Last March, a few of my quilt buddies and I attended the Tyler Quilt Show. Cindy Alford, the owner of Alford Inn, was at there showcasing her new quilt retreat center and quilt shop. She was giving away a free night at Alford Inn. Well of course, we signed up! Guess what? WE WON! We were so excited. SEW, the past weekend, there were five us who drove to Van Alstyne, Texas, north of Dallas. The Inn is just wonderful and is located in a house that was built in 1884. The original house was approximately 2,300 square feet and the Alford's added an additional 3,000 feet. You CANNOT tell where the old stops and the new begins. The renovation was absolutely wonderful. There are two rooms that sleep 6, one that sleeps 4 and another with a queen size bed. There are beautiful quilts on all the walls. The Inn is decorated just beautifully. We sit out on the wrap-around porch and enjoyed a wonderful Texas evening. The quilt shop had great selections of fabrics that catered to almost any taste.

We had a wonderful time laughing, sewing, eating, and shopping in our Jammies. It is a great place. Alford Inn can accommodate a group of 12 or a small group of six. I highly recommend that you check it out. Be sure and tell Cindy that Kathy with the crazy Wacky Pac group sent you!

August 11, 2009

Struttin' Thru Blogland!

Watch out Blogland! Cock-a-doodle-dooooo! On August 28, there will be rooster struttin' everywhere. Barb over at Bella Vista is hosting a "Rooster Parade". What fun this is going to be. Mark your calendars! This is a parade you do NOT want to miss!

August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

My "older" brother turned sixty this past Monday. His girls threw a big birthday party for him last weekend out in the Hill Country. Here is a picture of the cake. Cute, huh? What do you give a person who has everythin??? Well, I gave him a case of his favorite beer (guys always like that) and then gave him this string quilt. I can't take complete credit for it as it was a Wacky Pac swap and after putting it together I decided that it had to go to my brother. The pictures are not real good, but maybe you can see part of it.