June 4, 2015

I'm coming back!  It has been over TWO YEARS since I have posted on my blog!!!  Oh dear!  Lots of things have happened in those two years.  I'll share this in future posts.

If you have followed my blog -- hopefully, there are a few of you left -- you know that I lost my husband unexpectantly four years ago.  I lost interest in quilting and pretty much everything I enjoyed.  I guess grief can just do that to ya!!!

Well, I'm back to quilting and reading --my two very favorite pastimes.  There is joy in life and I am going to make the best of it.  Not to say that I don't miss my hubby --that I DO!!  However, I'm learning that I DO NOT WANT TO DIE WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE!!  So, I'm picking up the pieces (literally ;) and getting on with life).

I've made a table runner, working on a few UFOs (have enough to last me a lifetime!  LOL), and even starting a new project.

I'm really excited to be back to quilting and blogging so please stay tuned to see what type of shenanigans I am up too.

Have a Blessed Evening!!!


Rhonda said...

Glad you're posting again!!!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. I didn't do anything for months after my husband died, and I knew it was coming. It's been over five years, and I've learned you just live with the ache of missing and go on, so good for you, coming back to life! Welcome back to blogland. I'll look forward to seeing what you are doing.

Kim West said...

Yea! Happy to see you posting again!

Quiltsmiles said...

Glad to see you about again. Welcome back to your life and friends.

Carla said...

I'm still here.
Glad you're back. I'm really glad you've found your way back and hopefully found peace and joy in life.