June 3, 2008


Yippee! I'm doing the happy dance! I went to the doctor today and he removed the staples from my abdomen (there was a bunch of them, too!) It's been two weeks today since my surgery. I'm feeling so much better. I am released to return to work on June 16 so I still have some time to heal and hang out at home. I hope I will get to do some sewing. I did some over the weekend, but stopped every little while as I would get really tired.
On the way to the doctor, dear hubby took me to Suzys Quilt Shop in Garland, TX. I had not been to this shop before, but had heard lots about it. It was a nice shop. I bought the pattern Anna's Garden -- applique! I also bought a number of reproduction background fabrics to use to make this pattern. While in Williamsburg, VA, during Christmas Holidays, I purchased the Williamsburg line of fabric and plan to use it for this pattern as well. It will take me a while complete this quilt but it will be fun.


The Quilting Pirate said...

Yah for your happy dance!! Be careful and hope you are healing quickly!

Kathy said...

Thanks Quilting Pirate. I'm doing well.