June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It is so hard to believe that my oldest grandson turn 9 years old today!!!! It seems like yesterday we were in our motorhome heading home from North Carolina and we got "the call". Jen's in labor, get to College Station, TX. Here we go, peddlin' as fast as we can. We get to our house, jump out of the motorhome, into the car and we were GONE! Thank goodness we had other friends on the trip with us and they put the motorhome up, etc. We made it! In fact, we had to wait a while when we got there, but the wait was well worth it!

Calam is a very smart, intelligent child (go figure -- he's my grandson -- LOL) and very sweet and affectionate. He and I have a very special bond and relationship. I'm the one he confides in and tells me about, well, you know, the girls, etc. LOL! We have two other grandchildren who are just as special. BUT, there is something really special about that "first grandbaby".
This picture was taken about a month ago when he showed his chickens at the county fair for the first time. He placed 4th out of 47 pens of birds. Pretty good to be his very first year in 4-H!

Happy Birthday Calam -- Mammy loves you!

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