June 1, 2008

Oh My! Looky Ethel!

Lucy is beside herself with disbelief! She can't believe that "the block" is finally finished!!!!!! She had to run and call Ethel and have her come over and look!

As you know I live in Texas. The Texas Agriculture Department has a quilt block competition each year depicting something about Texas. This year, the theme was wine. Did you know that Texas is the 5th in the nation in wine production??? Well, I didn't realize this either.

Sew, on to the block. I received my packet of fabrics that are required to be used in the block. I decide to make a block that is mainly applique' but with some piecing. I chose the Texas (duh) in red/white/blue like our State flag and then using a barrel, grapes, and wine glasses. I made the applique portion (which includes all aforementioned items and tons of those little round circles for grapes that were HAND APPLIQUED onto the piece -- everything else was machine appliqued). I get the applique' portion completed and am so proud -- now on to adding the piecing. What?????? I did the color scheme on Texas WRONG. It is white on top NOT RED!!!! I was so upset. Not only did I do the Texas applique'wrong, I was now OUT OF THE REQUIRED FABRIC. Well lucky for me, my Wacky Pac Sister, Kathleen, decided not to enter and gave me her fabric packet. You rock, Kathleen!

I wasn't able to get the block made before my surgery as May was wild for me (see previous post). Well this weekend, I was DETERMINED to make the block so it could be mailed on Monday -- afterall, the block was due on THURSDAY!

After a bit of anquish and the encouragement of all my Wacky friends, I completed the block. That little sucker is all packed up and will head to the U.S. Postal service first thing in the morning for its trip to Austin, TX.

Now to wait and see if my block is selected to be in the quilt!


Rhonda said...

Oh Kathy...I love your block....I'm so happy you got it done......all the strange things that happened, now, don't matter.....Good for you!

The Quilting Pirate said...

what a great block!!!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

That's funny, since the times I traveled to Texas on business we had to "pay a surcharge" (or some kind of fee) to have a beer because it was a dry county!

Cute block.

Debi said...

I love your block, it is really beautiful. I hope yours is chosen.

Kathy said...

Thank each of you for your nice comments on my TDA block. Time will tell if it is selected for the quilt!