August 17, 2008

Sunday Already?

Here we are at the retreat and it is ALREADY SUNDAY! WaaaWaaaa.....We have to go home today -- back to reality. Here are a few pictures of things on the design boards and various other things.

The picture to the right is of a stack n whack that someone is making. I've never done this technique. It is really interesting looking.

Here is my Americana star block that I am making for the Wacky exchange. Ignore the right-hand side of the picture -- I cropped the picture but now I can't find it on my computer......duh.....

Here is Rhonda giving Kathleen a quick shoulder massage on late Saturday afternoon -- ohhhh we were getting tired!
Check out this cute Betty Boop quilt. It is hanging in the dining room. It is really cute.

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Teresa said...

Well, you always have next year to look forward to. I know the feeling, as I go to a retreat in January every year that stretches from Thursday to Sunday afternoon - so much fun and so hard to see it over.