August 6, 2008

Internet Connection/Happy Birthday

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe it. I no longer have a dial-up internet connection. I gave up on getting DSL in my area and "bit the bullet" and went with the internet by satellite. Actually, it is MUCH faster than my previous dial-up. I uploaded this picture of my son and hubby and it was QUICK. Now, I will be blogging more. It was just a pain before with the dial-up. Most of the time I couldn't even upload pictures and had to try to do it from work. Watch out Blog Land!!!!
Happy Birthday Josh! Today is my youngest son's birthday -- the big 32. It is hard to believe! Gee, his Dad is getting old (but I'm not!). LOL! He is a very successful young man and I am very proud of him. I hope he has bunches more birthdays!


Kim West said...

Happy Birthday Dear Cousin!

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your satellite hookup. I know how slow dial up can be and how it can take the joy out of the internet, so ENJOY your new speed and capabilities and we will all look forward to hearing form you more often.

Happy Birthday, Josh!