August 7, 2008

Glass of Texas Wine????

Would you like a glass of Texas wine to help me celebrate? Did you know that Texas is the 5th in the Nation in wine production? The Texas Department of Agriculture sponsors a quilt block contest each year. As I posted earlier, I (along with 3 of my Wacky Friends) entered blocks. I received notification today that my block (see picture to the left) was one of the blocks chosen! I was really excited. I wasn't too sure if it would get picked or not. My Wacky friend, Rhonda, also had her block chosen as well. Yea!!! We are so excited. We will go to the Texas State Fair for the unveiling ceremony. We hope to make it a "Wacky Trip" -- LOL! But then all of our trips are "Wacky" when the Wacky Pac gets together!


Teresa said...

Great block and congratulations!

Kathy said...

Thank you Teresa!