September 27, 2008

Let's Go to the Texas State Fair!

Oh My! We have (see earlier posts) learned that three members of The Wacky Pac Quilters had their blocks selected to be incorporated in the "Toast A Rising Star" quilt sponsored by The Texas Department of Agriculture. Texas is 5th in the nation in wine production, so this quilt depicts this great accomplishment. Get you a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or whatever and lets make a trip to the State Fair of Texas for the big unveling!

The picture to the left is the winning Wackies (l-r --Kathy, Jerri, and Rhonda). Now you notice that Kathy is sporting a big hat and sunglasses as well as Rhonda. We just "know" we are going to be mauled by photographers and public wanting our photos and autographs! LOL SEW, here we go seven -- did I say SEVEN WILD AND WACKY WOMEN -- load up in my surburban so we can make the 2-hour trip to Dallas. It's a good thing I had new tires and new shocks on that car! (Just kidding girls). We have a map, written traveling directions from the TDA, a Texas map, and a GPS. As we get to the exit off I-45, it appeared everyone knew how to get there. We made it out.....walked into the fair....find out we can't park Kathleen and I head back to move the car.

We all finally get into the Food and Fiber Pavallion, and here we sit, waiting for the award ceremony to begin. Now, note that we are ALL wearing our "infamous" Wacky denim shirts that we made that is covered in Sworvorski gems. The place is aglow!

The quilt is on display, but it is COVERED IN BROWN PAPER! We can't see it yet, even though Jerri tried and tried to peek.

We eagerly await the ceremony to begin. Here we go......."Rhonda Lawton".
The clapping, yelling, whistling begins! Yep, you got it -- the other 6 of us can really make some noise. Everyone in the place was looking......Then it was "Kathy Earley" more claping and excitement.
Then it was "Jerri Hendrix" and again more cheering. I think it was at that point the others realize what kind of group we were -- LOL!

Now it's time for the "big unveiling". The quilt was hung amongst a beautiful display board telling all about the quilt. There were 24 blocks chosen to be in the quilt, but only 4 of the block descriptions were chosen to be put up on the display. Mine was picked! I was so surprised.

So the TDA staff 'rips' off the paper! What a BEAUTIFUL quilt it is! Several people said it was the most beautiful so far. (The Texas Department sponsors a quilt contest every two years). And 'ta da' a picture of all the block winners who are honored to have their designs in the quilt that will travel around the great State of Texas! Congratulations to all!


Morah said...

How exciting! Good going! Do you have a full on shot of the quilt? It looks incredible.

Teresa said...

Congratulations to you all!!!! And best of all, sounds like you sure had a lot of fun. I would like to see the full quilt too, as well as a close up of the blocks you made and what you wrote.

Kathy said...

Morah, well....duh....why didn't I post a pic of the full quilt??? I will put one over in my side bar. It is a wonderful quilt.


Kathy said...

Teresa, Thank you for your comments. I will post a full pic in my side bar. My comments are in a pic in this post. Click on it and it should enlarge.

Thanks for stopping by.

swooze said...

I can't wait to see that quilt! Why don't you gals warn me when you are coming to Dallas. I am just dying to meet you all!

Kathy said...

Swooze, we should have let you know we were coming. I guess we were just not thinking.

We will let you know the next time we come that way. It would be fun for all of us to meet.

belinda said...

wow....this was DH's 80 something yr. old UNCLE...yep..that's right....his Uncle's square won on the last TDA quilt contest.....that is how i came across you gals.....i was looking up to see who the winners were this year...and i saw you winners....congrads!!....they are great quilts aren't they!! would like to see it in person!!!