September 7, 2008

What do you Do? Revisited

Well, I finally got that mess straight. I have sorted all the fabric by color in these drawers. I do have some drawers for western, 1930's, Christmas, Americana, etc. It was quite a job (see previous post for "before" pic) but well worth it. All I have left to do is label the drawers.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. There were six people who left comments. I put all the names in a basket. I shook it up, and drew a name. And the winner is.......................................

TERESA from Stitchin' Friends

(sorry about the photo -- too much light)

Teresa, I need your addy so I can send you your prize. Here it is:


Not Lucy said...

It is looking beauteous now!

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh my've got to get in there and make your studio looked lived in again! Just kidding...looks great!

Anonymous said...

YeeHaw for you!!! Looking a little closer I noticed some of the bins just had the fabric thrown in there.....well, at least it is up off the floor. Like I have anything to scrapbook room is still awful....even worse than before!!!
Love ya,