September 7, 2008

Pin Cushions

My friend and Wackie Sister, Molly, has challenged the Wacky Pac to make a pin cushion and exchange them at our annual Christmas Party. Now, let me tell you, Molly is a very talented quilter and wonderful person. She usually has some good challenges for us -- like the year we had to decorate a miniature gourd as a Christmas ornament. All we did was complain -- but we all made one LOL! They were "interesting" to say the least.

Then, during a retreat, she challenged us to do postcards -- what fun that was. Now Rhonda is in a postcard exchange. I think that is sew cool.

Sew, as I was thinking about pincushions, I had to share this one with you. I made this for my Mama (who was also a quilter) on her 75th birthday. The cup and saucer was my Aunt Ella's (or as us kids called her "Aint Eller"). She was in the hospital on her birthday and I remember taking it to her there. She loved it, but never got to use it. She was admitted to the hospital on September 10 and she passed away on December 9th. She never got to come home. Everytime I look at this particular pincushion, it brings me great memories of both my Mama and my Aunt, but it also makes me sad. I miss my Mama very, very much!


Teresa said...

wOW...I just see where I won a prize on your blog. I am so excited. By the way, you organization looks great!
I will email my address to you separately, but THANK YOU!!!!!

I also wanted to send you a hug (((Kathy))). Your teacup pincushion is so sweet and it brought a tear to my eyes knowing how special this was to you making it. I still have my mom and feel so blessed.

Teresa said...

I tried to email you at your email on your profile, but I keep getting an error message. If you will email me at I will be able to respond to your email with my addy.

Thanks again!

Linda said...

I loved scrolling back to see all the quilts and other projects you have made. WONDERFUL!

Morah said...

Love the pin cushion. I still have a letter that my mom sent me. It was in the mail when I arrived back home, after her funeral. Happy and sad at the same time, just like your teacup.

Kathy said...

Teresa, Thanks for your comments. I received your addy and will get your gift in the mail to you asap.

Kathy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and you come back again, ya hear!

Kathy said...


Awwwww......I bet you do cherish that letter from your Mom.

Thanks for visiting my blog and do come back.

MOLLY said...

Hey friend--love the beautiful pincushion and the story behind it. I know you have more--your MUST show us. I am so anxious to have a special memento of a special friend and a special time spent together. Love--

Anonymous said...

I love memories that make you feel warm and fuzzy like your teacup one!!! Wonder if our kiddos will have any of us??? LOL
Love ya,