January 18, 2012

Technical Woes!

Mr. Ziggy and I went on a quilting retreat last weekend and had sew much fun. I have all these pictures to share with you......BUT......I'm having trouble uploading them! A few months back, I bought a new laptop -- a Mac Book Pro!!!! I'm still learning the operating system. I have download the pictures from my camera and they show up in an album in iPhotos. Then I go to blogger to upload pics and when I click "choose file", the pics don't show up!!!!!!!!!!

I have a sneaky feeling, it could be a 'short' between the chair and the computer!!! LOL!!!! SEW, to get to the moral of this story.....STAY TUNED! I really do have pics to share!!!!!


Not Lucy said...

I have a MacBook and this is what I do. I click to add a picture to the blog. On the next screen click on choose files. On the next one make sure you chose photos on the left side of the screen and then make sure you have iPhoto at the top and not PhotoBooth highlighted and then you should see your photos.

Don't despair! It takes a little while to get used to a Mac but it is worth it!

Pat said...

Was Mr. Ziggy a good boy there on the retreat? I bet everyone loved him!