January 22, 2012

More Retreat.....

Look at Mr Ziggy! What confidence he has in me -- all perched up on my light holding the seam ripper and scissors!!!!Joyce is a fun person who retreats with us. Look at that precious chicken pin cushion. I love me some chickens/roosters (but not the real ones -- LOL)
This is a precious baby quilt that Debbie was putting together. Gotta love that sashing!
And here is crazy Bobbie! She is watching Brenda show her latest wallhanging.
Urggg....Mr. Ziggy hit the dump cake and has passed out from eating so much!
Last year at retreat, we had a 'cutting bee' and exchanged different sizes of strips of Civil War fabrics. This is the top Kathleen put together -- Jacob's Ladder.
Isn't this the cutest thing??? The skirt on the girl is 3-D...you can lift it up! This is to be the center of a quilt for Joyce's granddaughter.


Pat said...

hahaha...is Mr. Ziggy telling us that you need to RRRRIP things out frequently after sewing them???? That makes me wonder if he was exhausted from eating too much of the cake OR from having to hand you the scissors and seam ripper a lot that day! (just kidding, of course!)

Rhonda said...

Poor Mr. Ziggy... he looks wiped out... LOL
The Jacob's Ladder quilt is my favorite.... Love it!!

Carla said...

Mr Ziggy needs to come back and tell us what you're up to these days.
I was tagged in a game of blog-tag and in turn TAGGED You. http://mylifealittleofthisalittleofthat.blogspot.com/2012/11/i-have-been-tagged.html
Have and Awesome Day!