January 13, 2012

Mr. Ziggy Goes on a Retreat

Mr. Ziggy and I are going to a quilt retreat this weekend....in just a few hours......It is the 13th year this group of ladies have met to enjoy a weekend of sewing/quilting/laughing/eating and laughing till the tears run down our legs!!!!!

Here is Mr. Ziggy clinging to the iron to make sure that he gets put into the car!!! Mr. Ziggy had never been on a retreat before. I hope he will be good but I'm not betting too much on that...hehee!

Stay tuned for pictures and ya'll all be Blessed this Weekend.


Milah said...

"Tears running down your legs" LOL! Sounds like a good time! You and Mr Ziggy have a good time, and try not to tinkle too much! :D

Linda said...

I love Mr. Ziggy! Great friend to take along. I'll bet he'll keep you in stitches!

Rhonda said...

Advice to Mr. Ziggy... Please keep an eye on "the girl" and report daily on her activities ... BTW, watch out for those tears ... hehehehes

Pat said...

HA...you can't fool me......"tears" run down faces...I KNOW what runs down legs when gals are on retreats and start being silly!!! LOL Spencer is a bit jealous of Mr. Ziggy as he's not gone anywhere yet. He did climb into the Christmas tree when I was getting ready to take it down (and got scolded for that) but I guess he was bored. He needs an outing soon, too!