April 7, 2007

Those 4-Inch blocks!

I was able to do some sewing this morning. I am in a swap with some friends where we are swapping 4-inch finished blocks that are made with two colors -- Kona Black -- and the another color in Batiks. We chose colors for each person by drawing a Crayola from the box! I drew Vivid Tangerine! This is the closest I could find to vivid tangerine. I "only" have to make 240 of these little suckers!!!!! A total of 20 sets of 12 blocks each. It's a really easy block, but it just takes time -- a lot of time. I have 17 sets completed and lo and behold I ran out of fabric!!! SEW, I have some coming my way and should be here on Monday so I can finish up.

We will be retreating this weekend and exchanging the blocks. It will be a beautiful quilt with the Kona Black and all the different bright Batiks. I'll post a pic of the blocks after we exchange. Stay tuned...................

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