April 18, 2007

Sisterhood of Quilting

Today I was thinking about all of my quilting sisters. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one is special and unique. One loves applique, one loves really bright colors, one loves darker neutral colors, one likes speedpiecing, one likes to try new methods, one likes to find shortcuts in piecing, one loves to piece little blocks, one likes big blocks -- how different yet the same we are!

Quilting friends are sew special. Quilters are a special 'sisterhood'. A quilting sister understands the need for just 30 minutes of sewing time. They understand the need to 'touch that fabric' or to look thru that quilting magzine 'just one more time' (when you've already read it from cover to cover). Whether you prick your finger while doing handwork or (God forbid) cut yourself with a rotary cutter, they are always there to comfort you. Quiling sisters share our accomplishments, our joys, our sorrows, our laughter and our tears.

Over the years of quilting, I have developed so many special friendships -- thru guilds, thru quilting retreats, and thru the internet. I am so blessed! My wish for all of my quilting sisters and those quilters that I've yet to meet -- take time to think about what is important in life; take time to pray -- it's the greatest power available to us; take time to sew, even if it is just a few minutes; take time to laugh as laughter is the music of the soul and when laughing we can feel the rhythm of our on beating hearts!

Thank you Quilting Sisterhood!


swooze said...

Very nice post!

MOLLY said...

Fun trying to figure out which friend you are describing. I think I know them all, and you my friend are so special. Thanks for a very special tribute to "Quilting Friends".

Jeanne said...

What a lovely post! I totally agree. It's a welcomed and cherished escape from the everyday chores and problems when I am with my quilting sisters - either in person or online.

Rhonda said...

What sweet things to say. Those words warmed by heart. You are my "sister of the heart."
Love you