June 8, 2015

Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you each had a great weekend.  I sure did even though it was very busy!

I spent most of it at church.  We had a Ladies Tea -- Greater Joy!  Each table represented one of the fruits of the spirit and was decorated so beautifully.  I co-hosted the table "Love" and we decorated in red.  Here is a pic of just a few of the tables.

We decorated and prepared food all day Friday and the tea was on Saturday morning.  Great attendance and great support from the community.  I am new to this church and it was my first time to participate.  It was fun!

Today is housework day!  You know "housework makes you ugly" so I hope I don't look too bad after today.  It amazes me how a house can get so much dust everywhere!!!  I live alone and you would think it wouldn't get too dirty.....well, I have three grandchildren who visit often...so do I need to say more?????  LOL!

Have a terrific Monday! Hopefully, I'll get to work in a bit of sewing today!   Life is short....do something today that you LOVE!



barcord said...

Hi Kathy. What a lovely idea your church came up with. It is something I think we would love to do. Watch this space next year. Hope you are beginning to heal from the pain of losing your husband. I will say a prayer for you. Enjoy your comeback to quilting.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sounds like a great tea! I sure should look good then, because I do as little housework as possible....giggle

Carla said...

Sounds like you had a great tea. The tables were really pretty
Housework is bad for you. LOL