March 27, 2011

Quilt Show Anyone???

Yesterday, my quiltin 'besties' and I attended the East Texas Quilt Guild Show in Tyler, Texas. We had a blast as ususal. The day started out meeting at the Brookshire Brothers parking lot. Well, needless today, that was a fiasco! LOL! We were meeting at 8 a.m. I arrived at about 8:03 a.m. to find NO ONE! I couldn't believe it because Annie is always on time and usually early. So I decide they must have parked in a different place so I drive around. "Oh look, there is a car like Molly's, but that's not her". Then I see Kathleen driving into the parking lot. We discuss where they may be and did we get our "wires" crossed. Suddenly, we here this 'honk'. It was Molly and Annie! (and YES, that WAS Molly's car). We hop in and off we go to stop and pick up Rhonda on the way! We are laughing and talking so much we "almost" passed up the Butler Store where Rhonda was anxiously waiting. Now we are set. SEW, let's go to the quilt show!!!!

This is a picture of the Guild raffle quilt:

The following is the Wacky 6-Pac Quilters who are quiet 'infamous'. LOL!!!! We had one lady say to us "ya'll look like ya'll are a really fun group!" And of course, (in our very shy and modest way), we told her "heck yeah, we are fun"! LOL L-R: Molly, Kathy (that would be me), Kathleen, Rhonda, and Annie. This Valentine quilt was made by none other than our "Aunt Kaye". She is really not our aunt, but the aunt of another quilting friend, but we all call her "Aunt Kaye". Kaye is a fantastic quilter and has her own longarm quilting business.

And of course, the Dear Jane quilt.
A feathered star quilt is on my quilting 'bucket list'. I finally made a small one (with the help of my friend Molly). Naturally, I am drawn to them and had to get pictures.
I really liked the alternating 9-patches and appliqued flowers in this quilt.
And here are the RABBITS! I don't know the maker of this quilt, but the fact that it was 'rabbits', it deserved a picture. You see, there is a "story" here -- one that I shall not share on the blog but it is about our precious 6-Pac member, Jerri, who is sitting at Jesus' feet working on her applique -- rabbits no doubt.
I loved the Eagle in this quilt.
I bet the maker of this quilt is either now on alcohol or some type of drug! LOL
After the show, we went to our favorite eating spot -- Mercados Mexican Restaurant and then on to "A Nimble Thimble" a fantastic quilt shop. I had to take a picture of one of the ladies working at the shop. Isn't this the cutest apron?????

And our last stop before getting home was this "junk place"! What fun we had.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed the show.


Linda said...

Oh, I miss East Texas! I lived in Kilgore for 8 years. The quilts in your photos are all beautiful!!!! And the Wacky-6Pac gals all look like they're ready for a great day!

Pat said...

I love the outings you and your group of Wackies/Wackos (LOL) take. Thanks for sharing!!!

Amy said...

looks like a great time. did you gals take home any junk?