March 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

Isn't it funny how you can see a picture, a person, or object that will jog your memory about something in your childhood. The other day, I was blog-surfing (yes, that is a new word--LOL) and I saw a picture of a quilt with a child playing on it with little cars. I am the youngest of three children and the only girl. With two older brothers, naturally I would want to play with cars. I LOVED playing cars. I have a fond memory of a quilt that my Mama had and I loved to play on it. It was perfect as a 'town'. I would spread that quilt out in the middle of the den floor, gather my little cars and enter the world of make-believe. It had a place to park your car, roads to drive those little cars on, and just make believe. I have no idea what the pattern was nor do I know what happened to that quilt. But it just made me feel good all over to remember such a fun time from my childhood.


Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your happy childhood memory with us!

Linda said...

Oh! What great memories! I also used to make roads out of the sashing of my Little Dutch Girl quilt. I would "visit" each little girl, driving down the sashing roads and making the appropriate noises when making fast turns at each corner.