March 5, 2011

Hot Mama Apron Swap

I participated in the Hot Mama Apron Swap with Val. The theme? CHICKENS! I love me some chickens (not the real ones -- LOL), but my kitchen is decorated in kitchens. My partner was Amy from California (a transplanted Texan). She is so sweet and we became fast friends.
When I came in from work, my hubby said "you have a package". woo hoo! I open this box....the excitement is increasing. Look at all these goodies.......
LOOK.....Amy has absolutley spoiled me. Check out that black/white chicken -- LOVE it!! Also, adorable napkins, a cool T-towel (red -- Perfect for my kitchen) an adorable x-stitch pin cushion, egg separator, chicken broth, a darlin' spatula (yes, there are chicks on it), an adorable rooster figurine, and two recipes that sound fabulous!
I saved the apron for last!!! It is too stinkin' CUTE! It is a 'convertible' apron. You can take the bib off and it will be a half apron. I absolutely love all the fabrics and colors.
Look at this darlin' bib and those chicken buttons are absolutely awesome!
Look at the cute chicken Amy appliqued on the apron -- lovin' it!
THANK YOU AMY for a fabulous swap package and thank you Val for hosting such a fun swap!!!!

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rita jean said...

Awwwwww!!! I like the chicken too! That apron is absolutely incredible! Never heard of a convertible top apron before. So lovely! :)