July 22, 2010

Wackies on the Move!

The Wacky 6-Pac Quilters were on the move......We loaded up last weekend and went to Tyler, TX to an embroidery retreat at the Nimble Thimble Quilt Shop. We spent Friday and Saturday nights.
Yep, all five us loaded up in the suburban with all our stuff! It wasn't easy either!
Annie waves among all the bags!

We had a lot of fun. There were many beautiful projects shown at show 'n tell.
This lady was embroidering an assortment of different baskets.

This was a really neat quilt with embroidered horses and pieced blocks. There was even embroidery in the borders.

This was a beautiful and colorful piece. The background was quilted first and then all of the embroidery added.

After embroiderying for a while, we took a break for lunch....And of course we had to act silly! Annie and I were sporting our new "drink glasses"!

Oh, and did I mention? It was soooo hot and those drinks were soooooo good! Rhonda and Molly are enjoying them.

Okay, back at the quilt shop!

Kathleen is so happy to be here!

Annie, Molly, and Rhonda hard at work making those laptops talk to those embroidery machines and producing beautiful work.

Annie is installing the Janome DigitizerPro on the laptop. Oh dear.....something is not right!

The fun is over. We make it back home and now it's time to unpack! Be careful!

And as always, it was a wonderful, wacky time with my quilting sistas!!!!


Teresa said...

Ladies who don't quilt and don't go on quilting retreats, just don't know what they are missing. Looks like y'all are experts at having a good time!

Pat said...

What a FUN time you had. (Rhonda didn't happen to mention those HUGE drinks!!! LOL)

Madelyn said...

Ditto what Teresa said. Quilting, classes, retreats, etc. are awesome. And classes with your buds are a lot of fun!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Ok! I love that you all are able to get together and do these fun get-togethers! My dear, dear friend (and very talented quilter) who really encouraged me in quilting moved away when her hubby got assigned overseas and then we moved...but maybe we will live nearer...she is now in KY and my hubby and I are looking to moving there one day (our kids are there in college and our oldest, we feel will move back there when her hubby is through with his residencies).

Blessings & Aloha!
May I ask, if I hadnt already (back when I first found you)...what sewing machines do you and your girlfriends use? I gave my old machine to our older daughter and I am still looking and deciding.