July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend

Today, I am remembering my dear quilting friend, Jerri, on her birthday. Jerri went home to the Lord this past March after a long and hard battle with cancer.

Cancer may have taken our Jerri, but it NEVER took her spirit. She was laughing and popping jokes till the end. She was truly my hero and an inspiration. Jerri was dealt a hand of cards and she played them with grace and dignity.
Jerri was so funny. One of her famous sayings was "Not It" when we would suggest doing something -- especially some type of swap. We still use that saying in her honor. She had some more 'sayings' but I best not share them on the blog -- LOL -- besides they are those "ya just had to be there" type things.

Jerri, Kathleen and I took a bus trip to the Paducah Quilt show back in 2003. Oh My! what memories. We had so much fun together. Below is a pic of the "Brat Pac" as we were called. On the bus, Jerri got cold and put on a long sleeved denim shirt BACKWARDS. She was going to take a little nap. She looked at me and said "Now, looky here! If we have a wreck, don't let them try to twist my head around just because I've got this shirt on backwards!"

Left to Right -- Kathleen, Jerri, and Kathy

Jerri, I know you are the 'coolest' quilt teacher in Heaven. Those folks have so much to learn from you. You taught me so much about life, about grace, about dignity, about perserverance. Girlfriend, I miss you SO MUCH. I think of you every single day and I'll never forget you. I thank God for the opportunity to have had you as a friend. Now, have you heard the one about........

Our quilting group was called the Wacky Pac Quilters. There was this group of ladies called the Wacky Women and we were the Brat Pac...and one day....The Wacky Pac was born! Here is a picture of our last retreat as the Wacky Pac Quilters at the Fryer Deer Camp. Jerri's health was failing and unable to stay the entire time. I am so thankful we were able to snap this pic before her hubby picked her up.

L-R: Back row: Molly, Annie, Charlotte Kathleen, Rhonda

Front Row: Jerri, Kathy L and Kathy E




Vicki said...

((((HUGS)))))) Kathy :) Lots of lovely memories of your dear friend Jerri :)

Pat said...

What a nice tribute to Jerri. She shares a birthday with my mom...who I wrote about today on my blog. (She is in heaven with Jerri, too.)

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to your dear friend! This was a lovely post, I can tell how much she is loved and missed!

Teresa said...

A sweet tribute to a special friend. We can all only wish that our friends would remember us so fondly when we are gone.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

July 1st was my mom's birthday as well, she turned 56

Yarni Gras! said...

well said!