March 29, 2009

Wackies on the Move!

The Wackies were on the move yesterday....Well about half of them anyway. We loaded up and went to the 28th Annual Azalea Quilt Show in Tyler, Texas. Annie, Jerri, Kathleen and myself met at the local Brookshires at around 9 a.m. and the Wackiness began. Now, if you have followed any of the Wackies' blogs, you know we can be pretty crazy. We all donned our glitzy, wild, and oh so beautiful Wacky shirts. We were so cute! On the way, we had to stop at "the little store" to pick up Rhonda -- she lives out of "town", but on the way to Tyler. We get Rhonda in and we are really off this time. I'm driving my suburban -- now that's a big truck, plus we had ALL THAT WEIGHT in the vehicle.....I mean NOT that we are Heavy....hehehe, but the wind was TERRIBLE. We were all over the road. I mean I know that it was NOT my driving or the fact that they were making me laugh.
Here's a picture of the motley crew at the show. L-R: Annale, Jerri, Kathy, Rhonda, Kathleen

The show was nice and I'll be posting some pictures of the quilts a bit later. There were quite a few vendors there. I was on a mission. I was looking for wool for myself and for Wacky Molly--Molly was unable to go with us due to other obligations :( . BUT NO, I DID NOT FIND ANY. I was NOT happy. I certainly did not do a good job of stimulating the economy. All I bought were some cute little quilty note cards (ooops, don't think I took a photo of those) and some thread.
Now the Nimble Thimble quilt shop in Tyler was at the show, but mostly showing those snobbie Berninas (sorry...didn't mean to offend anyone). She told us that her shop had 20% off all fabrics. So we finish at the show, head to lunch, and then to Nimble Thimble.
I bought the following pattern. The picture does not do it justice. They had the quilt made and it was kitted. The quilt was CUTE. I didn't want the kit because I would prefer to do my own thing. Besides, I want this quilt to hang in my kitchen and the colors they used, although fabulous, just didn't work for the kitchen.

Sew, I bought this chicken fabric to be the border and the rest of the quilt will be scrappy from my stash. The other piece of fabric was 50% off and I just got it as a "stash enhancer".
Now they had a 50% off room with lots of a good deal of fabrics and other items, but ya know, I just didn't see anything that 'bit me'.

I did buy the following magazine. LOTS of cute patterns for pillows and pincushions.

And FINALLY I found some wool. They have a great assortment of wool -- all colors, patterns. It comes in 1/4 yard pieces. I picked up these four pieces. The picture isn't too good. The first is a pretty green/yellow stripe, the second a very nice beige plaid, third piece from the left is a beautiful marbled spring green and the fourth is a beige.

Then, we headed home. Most of the way home, we had an ambulance following us. My "passengers" felt that they were following us as a "precaution". Now, I'm not sure if they were being funny or they were scared..........LOL

And there you have it.......Another "Wackies on the Move" outing.


MOLLY said...

Sounds like a blast. I know all your sinuses are clean from all that laughing.! Wish I had been there.

Cindy said...

Sounds like a good time to me. The magazine, "Bags, Pillows and Pincushions" is one I purchased a few weeks ago. I just love it. I have seen at least half a dozen bloggers recently purchasing it.

Nana said...

You Wackies always have lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us. Have a great week!

Lurline said...

Sounds like you all had a wacking good time - goon on you and I must say you are look gorgeous - not wackie at all!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

sounds like you all had a fab time..
Looking forward to seeing the quilts..
Julia ♥