March 22, 2009

It's 2nd Blogiversy and We Have a Winner!

Today is my second year anniversary of being a member of the Blogging World. A few posts earlier, I announced a give-away in honor of my anniversary as well as surpassing 200 posts. Today, we drew the lucky winner.
Below is a picture of my Granddaughter, Camryn, and our dog, Toby, as they watch TV -- just woke up! Camryn is going to do the drawing.

All the names of posters are written on paper and then cut apart.

The names were placed inside this large red bowl -- we picked a big bowl so we would have room to toss them around before drawing.

There she goes.....tossing all those entries around.....

And, we have a winner!!!

Contented Caroline at The Contented Quilter

Caroline lives in the UK. She is a great quilter and has an awesome blog. Be sure to go by and congratulate her on her winnings.


Dr. Quiltmom said...

That is a great little picker you have there. I sure recognize that just woke up watching TV look.

Caroline is a lucky blogger.

Cindy said...

Oh how cute - Toby looks like he wants to draw a name too! What can be sweeter than your grandchild and your four legged friends? I loved that you shared your photos of the two of them.


Pat said...

Congratulations to Caroline and I think Toby was hoping there was food in the bowl and maybe he'd get some of it! LOL CUTE pictures of them!