March 1, 2009

Life is Grand!

Today is March 1st, this is my 200th Post, and my blog "Humble Quilter" will be two years old this month! Sew YES, LIFE IS GRAND and LIFE IS PRECIOUS!My friend, Zlaty over ta Zlaty Sews, has given me this award. THANK YOU ZLATY!

The Rules are I have to list 5 reasons why my life is "grand", and then pass it on to five more peeps.

1. My life is grand because I am a Christian and I have a God who loves me in spite of my faults.
2. I am a cancer survivor!
3. My hubby is my best friend and greatest supporter.
4. My two sons are the 'greatest' and they have given me two beautiful daughters and three PERFECT (hehehe) grandchildren.
5. My friends are awesome -- some of them a 'bit WACKY', but I couldn't imagine life without them.

Now is my turn to nominate 5 blogger with this Grand Award. I always have such a hard time choosing who to give these awards to. SEW, here's what I'm going to do: If you think your life is grand, please post this award on your blog and tell the world why your life is grand!


Contented Caroline said...

My life is grand because I am to be married in three months time to the man of my dreams - I thought I would never find him - he is all my dreams come true. Not only that but I have my dream dog, Henri the Jack Russell who lives life to the full and brings much happiness and joy to everyone he meets. I am also lucky enough to work part time, in a garden centre which brings life and colour to my heart, allowing me the rest of the time to sew and sew and sew. I am truly at my happiest.

Zlaty said...

Thank you Kathy for accepting this award! You are a grand friend!

Happy blog anniversary :!

Hugs: Zlaty

Pat said...

Happy Bloggaversary......200 posts....WOW!!! You are doing really good. Keep up the great job here in Blogland!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations! Blogging has opened doors to a world that I didn't know was there and it's been a precious experience learning that we are all alike in the important stuff. Blessings, marlene