March 6, 2008

What Thread Do You Use?

What thread do you use for applique? I have always used silk thread for my applique -- usually Kinkame (sp) or YLI. I recently took an applique class with Robyn Pandolph and she recommends Gutterman Silk thread. She suggested when cutting off a length of thread, you should hold both ends and gently "pop" it to prevent twisting. This is something I've not done before, but seems to help. Robyn also stated she uses Thread Haven to condition the thread; this is something that I do.

I have tried the Gutterman silk and it seems to not fray as much as the Kinkame or YLI thread. It is a heavier thread, but with the right color match it looks nice.

I am curious about what thread others use for applique. Any comments??


Patchwork Penguin said...

I use the 60 wt mettler. It really works well and lots of colors to blend in to my pieces.


Rhonda said...

Hey KE.......I use Gutermann Poly..hehehe

Kathy said...

Thanks for the comments. I have purchased some Mettler 60 wt and some DMC 50 wt and I'm going to compare these with the YLI silk and the Gutterman silk.

I'll post my results!

Beth said...

I use YLI or Tire silk thread for applique and I have a few spools of neutrals that I use for everything. I don't color match because the silk disappears into the fabric so there is no need to color match. That's the beauty of the 100wt silk thread IMHO.

I also use Thread Heaven even though I've been told by several nationally known teachers that it is not necessary, it makes me feel better LOL

MOLLY said...

Your have been tagged, Weird and Wacky---how appropriate!!!
Check out my post on March 18th and have Fun!!

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