March 18, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin

Margaret is coordinating the Spring Fling Round Robin. We are to send an 8-inch center and we will get back a completely finished quilt -- approximately 20 inches in size.

This is my center. It doesn't look too much like a spring basket but the picture is not real good. I should get my completed project back the latter part of June. I'll be posting the rounds as I get them so be sure to "stay tuned."

Here is the website (I would put a link in but I don't know how! If you do, tell me!)


Luckybear said...

Your blog is nice and Springy. :)

To create a link:
1. Type what you wanted to say. For example "My center is here."
2. To make the word here your link, simply highlight the word and select the insert link icon. (it looks like a chain link on a circle - 3rd one in on my blog editor)
3. A box will pop up that you can paste the web address into). Fini! You have a link that looks neat without the entire address.

Hope this helps.

-Kari (one of the Spring Fling Robinettes)

Luckybear said...

Oops - I mean your block is very Spring like.

Nancy said...

I just sent you a private email with information on how to make WORDS work as a hot link.

Kathy said...

Thanks to all of you for telling me how to make a hot link! I'm going to try it now.