November 6, 2010

School Fundraiser!

All three of my sweet grandchildren go to the same elementary school. They are in Kindergarten, 4th grade, and 6th grade. Their Mommy (my wonderful daughter-in-love) is also a 3rd grade teacher at their school. They are blessed with a really awesome Librarian named Ms. Shelly. Ms. Shelly always plans really fun things for them and especially really neat field trips for the top AR (accelerated readers) students. This year (as is everywhere), there were budget cuts and the funds for the field trips were cut. I agreed to help raise money for the school.
The following is a picture of a quilt that I have made for a raffle -- "Tiger Power". I tried to incorporate as many of the school activities as possible. I finished the quilting today and will sit and tack down the binding tonight as I watch TV. I hope they raise lots of money with this quilt. It is a 'one of a kind' quilt and would be a great keepsake for an alumni.
Another fundraiser is the sale of Koozies. Everyone wants a personalized koozie of their favorite school. We are making black koozies with tiger paws and "Centerville Tigers" on one side and their choice of wording on the reverse side. The girls get orange polka dot ribbon and the boys koozies do not have ribbon. Below is a group of koozies that were recently made:
Below is a picture of the koozies with names on the reverse side.
I am even taking orders for special requests. Ms. Nattalie wanted red lady bugs. I found this cute lady bug in my design stash and put it on the black koozie with red, yellow and green polka dot ribbon.
Here is the side of the koozie with Ms. Nattalie's name.
I have couple of more 'special request' koozies to make: "Grammar Guru" and "LuLu's Nails" I even have a request for "Woozies" -- a koozie for a wine glass. I haven't found a source to purchase unsewn blank 'woozies' yet. Even any of you know where I can purchase them, please leave me a comment.


Angela said...

That is an awesome quilt! I hope it raises lots of money for the school!

MarkAnt98 said...

They're so nice! You're really talented Kathy. Seems like a super school fundraiser and I hope you managed to raise a lot of money from them!

demony granger said...

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