November 21, 2010

Deer Season Retreat!

Most of you know my quilting group -- Wacky 6-Pac Quilters -- frequently get together for retreats. One highlight of our year is our annual Deer Season Retreat! We normally have it on opening weekend when all the guys are in the woods. However, this year we changed it to the second weekend; it just seemed to fit everyone's schedule better.

We went to the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center, deep in the woods of East Texas. We stayed at the "staff house" which was a 5-bedroom house complete with kitchen, living area, and THREE bathrooms -- did I say THREE????? Sorry, but for some reason I didn't take pics of the house.......duh.....

Here are some pics from our fun weekend:

We will start with entering the conference compound. Here is the sign complete with a map of the facilities and look a sign welcoming the Wacky Pac Quilters!

We did not have any specific projects to work on -- everyone just did their own thing. We did do lots of laughing (till we almost peed our panties!), lots of eating and just making memories.

Annie had her embroidery machine singing to us the entire weekend. Below is a picture of a little towel she made for her granddaughter. Love those lil frogs!

The Wacky Pac usually always has some type of group project going on. Annie brought her finished project -- her Texas Quilt. Annie chose the theme and we all made her blocks. This is the last project that our dear, departed Jerri was able to participate, making this a very precious quilt for Annie. Annie had a local gal do the quilting and it was HORRIFIC!!!! Annie pulled every single stitch out of that quilt and took it to another lady over in Hubbard and Nelda worked her charm. Below is a pic of the final product (for the second time).

An ongoing group project the Wacky Pac is working on now is a row robin. We each chose our theme and we are making each other a row according to the person's guidelines. We finally got wise and did NOT set a deadline for this project 'cause we never meet them....hehehehehehehe.....ANYWAY, where was I??? Oh yeah, below are pics of rows made by Molly (top) and Annie (bottom) for MY row quilt. My theme is spring. Didn't they do GOOD?

Rhonda and Kathleen chose their rows to be vertical rather than horizontal and she wanted flowers. Below are some of her rows -- some completed and some not! The row on the left is Kathleens that she made to set the tone. The three rows to the right are Rhonda's.

Molly chose her theme to be ranch related. Sorry I don't have any pics of this one...maybe next time.

Our member, Molly, (you know her from Molly's Place), has been working on a beautiful red/green quilt. Molly used to be the curator for the Freestone County Historical Museum (and a wonderful job she did!). She used a quilt housed in the museum as inspiration for this little jewel. It is just beautiful -- the picture does not do it justice!

One of the projects I worked on was an apron for Shawnee's Winter Flirty Apron Swap. The requirements were that the apron had to have a snowflake somewhere on the apron. Also, we were to chose a word of the season. Using that word, we were to provide 'tuck ins' representing each letter of the world. The word I chose was TRADITIONS. Here is a pic of Molly so graciously modeling the apron I made. Note, it doesn't have the pockets put on yet! Is she the cutest model???? This is the beginning of a full-fledged career in modeling aprons....LOL! I think she may have been saying something to me like.....would you put that camera down?!!

And, lastly, but not least, a picture of the Wacky 6-Pac Quilters. We will always be the "6-Pac" because there were six of us. Our dear friend Jerri left us last March to join the great quilt guild at the feet of Jesus. She fought her cancer battle long and hard, but became too tired to fight any longer. She is always with us. We laugh and tell her jokes and stories and are always saying "well as our friend, Jerri, would say.........." So, before I start to cry thinking about my friend, without further 'adoo', here we are.................................................................

This picture was taken on Sunday morning before we left. Not all of us have on make-up and our hair done up real purty, but hey, it's US and we are HAPPY!

L-R: Rhonda, Annie, Kathleen, Kathy (that would be my big fat self) and Molly!

I hope you enjoyed this small sampling of retreating with the WACKY 6-PAC QUILTERS!


Vicki ♥ said...

How fabulous that you can all get together and have such a fun time. I so would love to join you all. All your projects you all worked on are amazing. Love them all. :)

Rhonda said...

You are not fat Kathy! I didn't get a good pic of Molly's look amazing doesn't it.