January 24, 2010

Sew Sunday Sew!

Here is the apron that I made for my partner in the "Cheap Hot Mama" Apron Swap. I sure hope she likes it!
The following is a project in progress. My Wacky Quilting Sisters and I swapped 2.5-inch charm squares -- 500 hundred of those lil suckers! I didn't worry about colors, placement, or anything. Just picked them up and sewed together. Here are mine sewn together with a small black border around them. I am not finished! I still have more to do. I'm thinking I will add another border of 1.5-inch half square triangles. Then, maybe, put it on point! Who knows.......You'll just have to watch this blog to see what happens! If you have any ideas, by all means, please share them.It has been great to get back into my studio to do some sewing. Now I think I'll do some hand embroidery while watching football with the hubby.
Ya'll all have a Blessed Sunday!!!


Pat said...

The apron is very cute. 500 of those little squares? Whew...I'm tired just THINKING about sewing them together.....LOL

Angela said...

I LOVE your little squares quilt project so far! The black makes a nice frame! I will definately be watching to see what you add next! :o)

Rhonda said...

Kathy, are you sure that's all 500 squares.....LOL....looks great from here....I like the on point idea but I'll stay tuned.

allsewnup said...

Cute apron! The quilt is going to finish up a real beauty. I really like it.