December 19, 2008

Pay It Forward--2009 Challenge

I have seen the "Pay It Forward" project on many different blogs and thought it was so neat. I understand it is named after a movie, but I've not seen it. I guess I better try to find it to watch!

While visiting Julie's blog, I saw where she had joined in the project. I decided "why not" and joined the project. So what do you have to do, you ask? Here goes:

The first three people to leave a comment on this post asking to join the "Pay It Forward" exchange, will receive a handmade item from me sometime during 2009. Each of these three people will make an announcement on their blog (with the photo) and send handmade items to those individuals to the people posting on their bogs, and it goes on and on.

You must have an active blog or website to be a part of this exchange.

Have fun!


hetty said...

This is something new for me. I have never joined one of these PIF exchanges before, but I think I would love to join yours. It sounds like fun!

Fran said...

This sound very interesting. I did see the movie and it's a must see movie. But you need your box of tissues handy. My DH considers it a chick flick. Maybe it is, but it's a darn good chick flick movie.

Include me in your 'Play it Forward" 2009 project. I would love to play.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, love your blog and want to join in the house swaps. Sounds like fun too. I agree with the Play it forward principal and try to practice it daily. I have a blog and will post it. Carol