July 10, 2008

Sew, What's Up?

Sew, what's up with everyone? I've really been in a slump lately. It is the 10th day of July and I've not even touched my applique nor have I turned on the sewing machine!!! I usually do at least one of the two every day. I guess I'm just tired. We spent all last week at the lake. Then we come home on Sunday and Tuesday friends come in to stay with us so they can go to a funeral on Wednesday morning. My son, d-i-l, and grandkids also come in to stay as well for the funeral as well as a little league tournament.

The funeral was for the Fire Chief of Teague, TX, who was killed in the line of duty. This really hit home with me because my son is a firefighter with the Houston Fire Dept. I pray daily that he is safe.

My granddaughter was playing in a little league tournament so we went to that in the evening. It was SO HOT!! Her team is out of the tourney now so they will be returning home today.

I am so hoping to get my life back to normal and to get some sewing done!

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